Lil Mook – Memory Lane


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1 Broke With Rich Dreams 02:45
2 Can’t Be A Trap Nigga 02:07
3 Letter To My Mamma 02:49
4 The South 03:54
Featuring – Novacane
5 Life I’m Living 03:36
6 Money To Make 02:49
7 One Phone Call 02:41
8 Thinking About Me 02:56
9 Pass Me A Check 02:25
10 Almost Gave Up 03:52


“Memory Lane,” a heartfelt and introspective mixtape by Auburn, Alabama rapper Lil Mook, was released on November 3, 2017, under the Bounce Back Entertainment label. This 10-track project features emotionally charged lyrics, relatable themes, and smooth beats that showcase Lil Mook’s undeniable talent and raw vulnerability.

The mixtape kicks off with “Broke With Rich Dreams,” a song that lays the foundation for Lil Mook’s personal journey throughout the project. “Can’t Be A Trap Nigga” follows, demonstrating Mook’s self-awareness and determination to forge his path.

“Letter To My Mamma” serves as a touching tribute to his mother, expressing his gratitude and love for her unwavering support. “The South,” featuring Novacane, is a powerful ode to Mook’s Southern roots and the influence they have on his music.

“Life I’m Living” delves into the struggles and triumphs Mook faces daily, while “Money To Make” focuses on his hustle and ambition. “One Phone Call” touches on the importance of loyalty and trust in relationships.

“Thinking About Me” takes a more introspective turn, exploring Mook’s thoughts and emotions as he navigates the world. “Pass Me A Check” brings a burst of energy and determination, while “Almost Gave Up” closes the mixtape with a message of resilience and hope.

“Memory Lane” is a powerful project that provides a glimpse into Lil Mook’s life and experiences, making it an essential listen for fans of honest and heartfelt hip-hop.



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