Lil Mook – I Just Paid The Plug


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1 I Just Paid The Plug 03:19
2 When I Was 13 03:26
3 Juugin Dat Work 04:46
Featuring – Bama2 Cups
4 Why You Flexin 03:22
Featuring – Sy Ari Da Kid
5 Hating On Me 03:39
6 A Dream 04:13
Featuring – Scotty Atl
7 Anytime You Want 03:34
8 Fuck With You 03:38
Featuring – Bama2 Cups
9 Justin Bieber 03:16
10 Connected 03:18
11 Fresh As Hell 03:14
12 Watch Who You Hang Around 03:26
13 A Milli 03:53
14 What’s Up 02:43
15 Respect Your Grind 03:43
16 Grinding For A Minute 03:27
17 Real Nigga 03:34
Featuring – Rich Boy


“I Just Paid The Plug,” a gripping mixtape from Auburn, Alabama rapper Lil Mook, was released on April 28, 2017, by Bounce Back Entertainment. The project features 17 tracks that explore themes of ambition, street life, and self-empowerment, with notable features from Bama2 Cups, Sy Ari Da Kid, Scotty Atl, and Rich Boy.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track, “I Just Paid The Plug,” setting the tone for the gritty street tales and relentless hustle that define the project. Lil Mook delves into his past with “When I Was 13,” giving listeners a glimpse into his early life experiences. “Juugin Dat Work,” featuring Bama2 Cups, showcases the chemistry between the two artists, resulting in a hard-hitting collaboration.

“Why You Flexin,” featuring Sy Ari Da Kid, offers a catchy hook and strong verses, while “Hating On Me” addresses the negativity that often accompanies success. Lil Mook and Scotty Atl team up on “A Dream,” delivering an introspective track that highlights their drive and determination.

Tracks like “Anytime You Want,” “Fuck With You,” featuring Bama2 Cups, and “Justin Bieber” showcase Lil Mook’s versatility as an artist. “Connected,” “Fresh As Hell,” and “Watch Who You Hang Around” serve as cautionary tales, emphasizing the importance of staying grounded and focused.

“A Milli,” “What’s Up,” and “Respect Your Grind” demonstrate Lil Mook’s unwavering work ethic and commitment to his craft. The mixtape closes with “Grinding For A Minute” and “Real Nigga,” featuring Rich Boy, reinforcing the project’s theme of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

“I Just Paid The Plug” is a compelling mixtape that solidifies Lil Mook’s place in the hip-hop scene, making it essential listening for rap enthusiasts.



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