Lil Mook – I Am Alabama 3 (Deluxe)


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1 Intro 03:25
2 On Go 03:00
3 Connected 03:18
4 Respect 02:57
5 Strapped And Bussin 04:01
6 Say What You Wanna 03:03
7 Designer 03:35
8 Who Run It 04:36
9 Everythang 03:11
10 Word In The Street 03:47
Featuring – Yung Ralph
11 In The Streets 03:16
12 Freak 03:05
13 Cold World 03:36
14 Teach You How To Juug 03:45


“I Am Alabama 3 (Deluxe)” is a captivating mixtape by up-and-coming rapper Lil Mook, hailing from Auburn, Alabama. Released on April 27, 2017, through Bounce Back Entertainment, the project showcases the rapper’s versatility and lyrical prowess. The mixtape consists of 14 well-produced tracks, each offering a different flavor of Lil Mook’s unique style and Southern roots.

The mixtape opens with “Intro,” a powerful statement that sets the tone for the entire project. With tracks like “On Go,” “Connected,” and “Respect,” Lil Mook demonstrates his ability to deliver catchy hooks and intricate rhymes. Songs such as “Strapped And Bussin” and “Say What You Wanna” showcase the rapper’s raw energy and unapologetic attitude.

“Designer” and “Who Run It” highlight Lil Mook’s affinity for fashion and his undeniable confidence, while “Everythang” and “Word In The Street” offer a deeper insight into the rapper’s life and experiences. The mixtape also features a standout collaboration with fellow rapper Yung Ralph on “Word In The Street,” combining their unique styles to create an unforgettable track.

“In The Streets,” “Freak,” and “Cold World” delve further into Lil Mook’s personal struggles and the harsh realities of street life. The mixtape closes with “Teach You How To Juug,” a track that displays Lil Mook’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering ambition.

Overall, “I Am Alabama 3 (Deluxe)” is a solid project that highlights Lil Mook’s immense talent and potential. The mixtape is a must-listen for fans of Southern rap and those seeking a fresh new voice in the hip-hop scene.



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