Lil Gangsta P – Meet The Lil Gangsta


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1 Intro / Meet The Lil Gangsta 04:45
2 Fortune F@*#! The Fame 03:49
3 It’s Goin Down 03:59
4 No Solicitation 03:52
Featuring – Mr. ILL
5 The War 03:48
6 The Firm 04:56
Featuring – Day Dog, Lay Low
7 Get Down On It 03:59
Featuring – Shorty B
8 Town Was Stankin 04:12
9 Body Bags 03:48
10 Ghetto Star 04:31
11 Puttin In Work 03:33
12 MB Outro 05:16


“Meet The Lil Gangsta” is the one and only studio album by Oakland rapper Lil Gangsta P, released in 1995 under Erin Records. This 12-track album showcases Lil Gangsta P’s raw talent and unique style, incorporating elements of gangsta rap and G-funk. With features from Mr. ILL, Day Dog, Lay Low, and Shorty B, “Meet The Lil Gangsta” captures the essence of the mid-90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with the “Intro / Meet The Lil Gangsta,” introducing listeners to Lil Gangsta P’s persona and setting the tone for the rest of the project. “Fortune F@*#! The Fame” follows, offering a gritty perspective on the rap game and the trappings of success. “It’s Goin Down” is a hard-hitting track that demonstrates Lil Gangsta P’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

“No Solicitation,” featuring Mr. ILL, adds another layer of depth to the album, while “The War” addresses the harsh realities of street life. “The Firm,” featuring Day Dog and Lay Low, delivers a powerful collaboration that highlights the talents of each artist involved.

“Get Down On It,” featuring Shorty B and backing vocals by Captain-Save-A-Hoe, Suzette, and Will, is an infectious, upbeat track that showcases Lil Gangsta P’s versatility. “Town Was Stankin” provides a vivid portrayal of life in Oakland, while “Body Bags” delves into the darker side of the streets.

“Ghetto Star” is an introspective track that speaks to Lil Gangsta P’s aspirations and struggles, followed by “Puttin In Work,” which reinforces his dedication to his craft. The album concludes with “MB Outro,” a fitting end to an impressive debut.

Lil Gangsta P, real name Anton Barrett Sr., was a close friend of Oakland underground rap legend Seagram. Tragically, both artists were victims of gun violence. Despite his untimely death, “Meet The Lil Gangsta” stands as a testament to Lil Gangsta P’s talent and his contributions to the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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