Lee Majors & Mob Jr – Money Hoarders


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1 Highway Muzic 03:42
2 Ridin Smokin 04:08
3 Keep Stackin Up 03:52
4 Talking Shit 03:37
5 Trap Hard 04:31
Featuring – The Jacka
6 Molly In Her Champagne 03:14
7 Roll It Up 02:56


“Money Hoarders” is a captivating project by Oakland rappers Lee Majors and Mob Jr, released on September 26, 2015, through Mob Ties Enterprises. The 7-track album showcases the duo’s chemistry as they deliver hard-hitting bars and infectious hooks over top-notch production. Through their unique styles and engaging storytelling, Lee Majors and Mob Jr exemplify the essence of Oakland hip-hop.

Opening with “Highway Muzic,” the album sets the stage with its hypnotic beat and the rappers’ smooth flows, detailing their experiences on the road. “Ridin Smokin” continues this vibe, as the duo raps about their escapades and the challenges they face.

“Keep Stackin Up” demonstrates the pair’s ambition and determination to succeed, while “Talking Shit” serves as a bold declaration of their place in the rap game. “Trap Hard” features the late Bay Area legend, The Jacka, adding a layer of depth and street credibility to the project.

“Molly In Her Champagne” offers a change of pace with its catchy hook and party atmosphere, while “Roll It Up” brings the album to a close with its laid-back, smoky groove. Throughout “Money Hoarders,” Lee Majors and Mob Jr exhibit their diverse range of skills, from aggressive verses to infectious melodies, ensuring that the project remains engaging from start to finish.

“Money Hoarders” stands as a testament to the talent and versatility of Lee Majors and Mob Jr, solidifying their place in the Oakland hip-hop scene and leaving listeners eager for more.



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