Latin Bomb Squad – Neighbourhood Creepas


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1 Neighbourhood Creepas 00:24
2 Keep It Real 03:57
3 Funk Everybody 04:21
4 Deal With Tha Madness 05:32
5 Shes On Em 04:53
6 Top Of Tha World 04:08
7 Mr.Big 03:25
8 Whatcha Missin 05:06
9 Strivin To Survive 04:02
10 Klbs Pirate Radio 02:36
11 So Ruff 03:33
12 Tha Young And Tha Ruthless 03:14
13 Ain’t No Joke 04:50
14 Fuck Off My Hook 03:06
15 Heavily Armed 04:07
16 Makin Moves 03:43
17 Straight Sewage 04:14
18 Temptations 03:02
19 Microphone Soljas 04:59


“Neighbourhood Creepas” is the sole studio album by the Los Angeles-based rap group Latin Bomb Squad. Released on January 26, 1999, through Jeep Beat Society Records, the album features a mix of gangsta and G-Funk styles, showcasing the group’s versatile sound and lyrical skills.

The album opens with the title track, “Neighbourhood Creepas,” setting the stage for the group’s unique storytelling and gritty approach to hip-hop. “Keep It Real” follows, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s roots and maintaining authenticity in the rap game.

“Funk Everybody” offers a taste of the G-Funk era, infusing the track with funky beats and smooth melodies. “Deal With Tha Madness” delves into the challenges faced by the group members, while “Shes On Em” explores themes of love and attraction.

“Top of Tha World” is an ambitious anthem, displaying the group’s drive to succeed in the music industry. “Mr. Big” and “Whatcha Missin” showcase the group’s clever wordplay and catchy hooks, making them standout tracks on the album.

“Strivin To Survive” and “Klbs Pirate Radio” provide a glimpse into the group’s daily struggles and desire for recognition. “So Ruff” and “Tha Young and Tha Ruthless” demonstrate the group’s passion for their craft, while “Ain’t No Joke” and “Fuck Off My Hook” infuse the album with an edgy, aggressive energy.

“Heavily Armed,” “Makin Moves,” “Straight Sewage,” “Temptations,” and “Microphone Soljas” round out the album, further solidifying Latin Bomb Squad’s distinct sound and identity. This 1998 re-issue of “Neighborhood Creepas” has been heavily re-worked and only shares six tracks with the original release, offering both new and old fans a fresh experience of the group’s music.



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