L.O.L. – Lost & Found


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1 You Know How We Ride 04:19
2 Driver And Hitman 04:03
3 Rendition 04:06
4 Down For Whatever Cause 04:40
5 Hot 2 Death 04:23
6 18 With A Bullet 03:58
7 What You About 04:30
8 Somebody Loves You 03:30
9 Ask The Question 05:27


“Lost & Found” is an album by the Los Angeles-based rap group L.O.L. (Lords Of Lyrics), known for their unique blend of gangsta and funk styles. Released in 2009 by LynnByrd Music, the album features nine tracks that showcase the group’s talent and versatility.

The album kicks off with “You Know How We Ride,” setting the tone for a collection of gritty, authentic hip-hop tracks. Songs like “Driver and Hitman” and “Rendition” further demonstrate the group’s prowess in the gangsta rap subgenre, while “Down for Whatever Cause” and “Hot 2 Death” showcase their ability to incorporate funk elements into their music.

“18 With A Bullet” and “What You About” continue to display L.O.L.’s unique blend of styles, and the more introspective track “Somebody Loves You” adds depth to the album. “Ask the Question” rounds out the project, leaving listeners with a memorable taste of L.O.L.’s distinctive sound.

“Lost & Found” is a testament to the talent of the Lords Of Lyrics, a group that emerged from the underground rap scene in 1993. Originally founded by Jason “Shawn” Jackson, DJ Marq, Damon “Twin” Rose, and Jerry Polidore, L.O.L. has undergone changes over the years but has maintained its commitment to delivering high-quality hip-hop music.

For fans of gangsta rap and funk, “Lost & Found” is a must-listen album that offers a glimpse into the talent and versatility of L.O.L., one of South Central Los Angeles’ finest hip-hop groups.



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