L.A. Posse – They Come In All Colors


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1 L.A. L.A. Intro 00:08
2 Ignorance Comes In Colors 03:04
3 Niggas Come In All Colors 03:46
4 Countdown 04:15
5 Father To M.C.’s 02:39
6 Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 04:56
7 1-900 L.A. Posse #1 00:23
8 One Night Stand 04:40
9 1-900 L.A. Posse #2 00:28
10 L.A.’s Rulin’ 04:45
11 The Winds Too Def To Die 03:53
12 Danger Zone 05:13
13 Up On Everything & Down With Nuthin’ 03:31
14 1-900 L.A. Posse #3 00:18
15 Total Chaos 03:37
16 1-900 L.A. Posse #4 00:25


“They Come In All Colors” is the only studio album by the rap group L.A. Posse hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on April 2, 1991, by Atlantic Records, this project showcases the group’s unique style, which blends various elements of hip-hop.

The album opens with “L.A. L.A. Intro,” a brief track that sets the tone for the project. “Ignorance Comes In Colors” and “Niggas Come In All Colors” tackle issues of racial prejudice and unity, displaying the group’s commitment to addressing social issues. “Countdown” is a high-energy track featuring a driving beat and aggressive lyrics.

“Father To M.C.’s” pays homage to the group’s influences, while “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” showcases their versatility with a more somber and introspective tone. The album features several interludes titled “1-900 L.A. Posse,” providing a humorous touch to the project.

“One Night Stand” is a smooth, storytelling track about a fleeting romantic encounter, while “L.A.’s Rulin'” celebrates the group’s hometown pride. “The Winds Too Def To Die” and “Danger Zone” showcase L.A. Posse’s lyrical prowess and ability to create memorable hooks.

“Up On Everything & Down With Nuthin'” is a defiant anthem about staying true to oneself, and “Total Chaos” concludes the album with an energetic and chaotic track that leaves a lasting impression.

“They Come In All Colors” captures L.A. Posse’s unique sound and their commitment to addressing social issues, making it a standout project in the hip-hop landscape of the early 1990s.



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