L.A. Nash – Make Me Or Break Me


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1 Represent U (Intro) 01:01
2 Nowhere To Run 04:26
Featuring – Jew’ell
3 Professional Stone Crooks 04:33
Featuring – MC Eiht
4 It’s About Time (Remix) 03:41
Featuring – Gonzo, Jew’ell, Kam
5 Sly, Slick The Wicked 05:15
6 End Of The World 03:44
7 My Life Is At Risk 03:26
8 It’s About Time 03:28
Featuring – Jew’ell
9 Ghetto Star 05:43
10 Can I Hit It 03:40
Featuring – El DeBarge
11 This Is For My Niggas 03:53
12 Bastard Child 05:34
13 Could God Be A G 04:39
Featuring – Big Lurch
14 Make Me Or Break Me 05:16
Featuring – Noel Wells


“Make Me Or Break Me” is the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper L.A. Nash, released on August 19, 1997, by Menes Records. The album features a diverse lineup of talented artists, including Jew’ell, MC Eiht, Gonzo, Kam, El DeBarge, Big Lurch, and Noel Wells. This project showcases L.A. Nash’s lyrical prowess and unique style within the hip-hop and gangsta rap genres.

The album opens with “Represent U (Intro),” setting the tone for the project. “Nowhere To Run,” featuring Jew’ell, highlights L.A. Nash’s storytelling abilities and Jew’ell’s soulful vocals. “Professional Stone Crooks” features the legendary MC Eiht, adding to the album’s star power.

“It’s About Time (Remix)” features an impressive lineup of guest appearances by Gonzo, Jew’ell, and Kam, with production by DJ Battlecat. L.A. Nash showcases his versatility in tracks like “Sly, Slick The Wicked” and “End Of The World,” which touch on themes of survival and resilience.

“My Life Is At Risk” and “Ghetto Star” reflect on the struggles and challenges faced by individuals growing up in difficult circumstances. “Can I Hit It,” featuring El DeBarge, adds a smoother, more romantic touch to the album, while “This Is For My Niggas” and “Bastard Child” serve as anthems for those who can relate to L.A. Nash’s experiences.

“Could God Be A G,” featuring Big Lurch, poses an introspective question about faith and spirituality in a world filled with turmoil. The album’s title track, “Make Me Or Break Me,” featuring Noel Wells, serves as a fitting conclusion, illustrating L.A. Nash’s determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

“Make Me Or Break Me” is a powerful album that showcases L.A. Nash’s talent and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene of the late ’90s.



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