L.A. Nash – L.A. Nash


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1 Westside Fool 00:45
2 Next Block 04:13
3 Car Bust A U 04:56
4 Scene 1 00:23
5 Baby, Baby 03:38
6 Scene 2 00:41
7 Knock On Wood 06:17
8 Scene 3 00:59
9 9 Play 05:54
10 Teena Baby 00:16
11 Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed 04:50
Featuring – Teena Marie
12 Strapped 00:38
13 Let Loose 05:48
14 Intro 00:32
15 64 Chevy 04:32
16 The Scene 00:31
17 Can’t Finda Reason 04:03
18 For The Homies 00:13
19 Mindstate 04:08
20 Dead End 00:04
21 Where The Road Ends 04:17
22 The Waves 04:13


“L.A. Nash” is the self-titled debut album by Los Angeles-based rapper L.A. Nash, released on July 18, 1995, by Menes Records. This G-Funk-inspired album showcases L.A. Nash’s unique style and talent as he makes his mark on the hip-hop scene. With a standout feature from the legendary Teena Marie, this album offers a solid mix of tracks for fans of ’90s hip-hop and G-Funk.

The album opens with “Westside Fool,” setting the stage for L.A. Nash’s distinctive sound. Tracks like “Next Block” and “Car Bust A U” showcase the rapper’s storytelling abilities and his affinity for G-Funk-inspired beats. Interspersed with engaging skits, such as “Scene 1,” “Scene 2,” and “Scene 3,” the album maintains a narrative flow that keeps listeners engaged throughout.

“Baby, Baby” offers a smoother, more laid-back vibe, while “Knock On Wood” and “9 Play” bring the funk back into the mix. “Teena Baby” serves as a fitting prelude to the album’s standout track, “Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed,” which features the iconic Teena Marie, adding a touch of soulful magic to the project.

“Strapped” and “Let Loose” showcase L.A. Nash’s versatility as an artist, while “Intro” and “64 Chevy” give listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences. The album concludes with a series of reflective tracks, including “Can’t Finda Reason,” “For The Homies,” “Mindstate,” “Dead End,” “Where The Road Ends,” and “The Waves.”

Overall, L.A. Nash’s self-titled debut album is an impressive introduction to the rapper’s talent, style, and ability to create a cohesive project that captures the essence of the mid-’90s G-Funk era.



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