King T – The Kingdom Come


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1 Intro 01:09
Featuring – Ice-T
2 Speak On It 03:30
3 Stay Down 04:13
4 Skweez Ya Ballz 03:58
Featuring – Baby S
5 Monay 04:14
Featuring – Dr. Dre
6 Da’Kron 04:28
7 Big Boyz 03:12
Featuring – Too Short
8 Let’s Make A V 04:52
Featuring – DJ Quik, El DeBarge, Frost
9 Tha Game (It’s Ruff) 05:27
Featuring – Playa Hamm
10 Reel Raw 04:02
Featuring – Killa Ben
11 2 G’s From Compton 04:16
Featuring – MC Ren
12 Shake Da Spot 03:47
Featuring – Shaquille O’Neal
13 6 N ‘Na Moe’nin 03:08
Featuring – Dawn Robinson
14 Step On By 05:14
Featuring – Crystal, Dr. Dre, RC
15 Big Ballin’ (Playin’ 2 Win) 05:04
Featuring – RC
16 Where’s T 03:17
Featuring – Dr. Dre
17 Nuthin Has Changed 03:38
Featuring – Kool G Rap, Tray Dee
18 The Original 04:33
Featuring – Whoz Who


“The Kingdom Come” is an unreleased album by Compton rapper King T, which was supposed to be released on July 3, 2002 by Mo Beatz Records! in Germany. Initially planned for release under Aftermath Entertainment in 1997 or 1998, the album was eventually shelved for unknown reasons. The actual title of the album should likely be “Thy Kingdom Come,” as indicated on the cover.

Featuring 18 tracks, the album boasts an impressive lineup of guest appearances and collaborations, including Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Too Short, DJ Quik, and Shaquille O’Neal. King T’s signature gangsta rap style is showcased throughout the album, blending hard-hitting lyrics with catchy beats that capture the essence of West Coast hip-hop.

Songs such as “Monay” featuring Dr. Dre and “Big Boyz” with Too Short showcase the album’s potential, while tracks like “Let’s Make A V” and “Reel Raw” demonstrate King T’s ability to collaborate with other talented artists.

“The Kingdom Come” serves as a testament to King T’s impact on the hip-hop scene and his influence on future generations of rappers. Though unreleased, this album stands as a powerful reminder of King T’s talent and unique style that has left a lasting impression on the world of hip-hop.



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