Killa Tay – Drought Season


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1 From Birth Til Death 04:15
2 Ready Made 03:50
Featuring – Marvaless
3 Like A Gangsta 03:00
Featuring – Marvaless
4 Take Over 04:07
Featuring – C-Bo, Lunasicc, Marvaless
5 44 Mag Glocc 03:26
Featuring – C-Bo, Yukmouth
6 Lock It 04:09
Featuring – Laroo, Rydah J. Klyde
7 Laws Of Nature 04:39
8 Money Aint A Thang 05:19
Featuring – C-Bo, Young Bleed
9 It Ain’t Shit 04:13
Featuring – Max Julian, Maserati Rick
10 This Ain’t No Movie 04:41
Featuring – Guce, Mob Figaz
11 Be Like Us 04:04
12 Some Other Shit 04:31
Featuring – AP9
13 20 Bricks (Remix) 06:21
Featuring – B-Legit, Big Rich, E-40, Cellski, The Jacka, Hoodstarz


“Drought Season” is a star-studded mixtape by Fresno rapper Killa Tay, released in 2012 under Bay Area West Coast Mafia. The mixtape showcases Killa Tay’s gritty lyricism and hard-hitting beats, all while featuring an impressive lineup of West Coast legends, such as C-Bo, Lunasicc, Marvaless, Yukmouth, Laroo, Rydah J. Klyde, Young Bleed, Max Julian, Maserati Rick, Guce, Mob Figaz, AP9, B-Legit, Big Rich, E-40, Cellski, The Jacka, and Hoodstarz.

The mixtape kicks off with Killa Tay’s solo track, “From Birth Til Death,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. The following tracks, “Ready Made” and “Like A Gangsta,” feature Marvaless, adding a touch of powerful female energy to the mix. “Take Over” brings together C-Bo, Lunasicc, and Marvaless for a hard-hitting collaboration.

Track five, “44 Mag Glocc,” sees Killa Tay teaming up with C-Bo and Yukmouth, while “Lock It” features Laroo and Rydah J. Klyde. Killa Tay goes solo again with “Laws of Nature,” followed by “Money Aint A Thang,” a collaboration with C-Bo and Young Bleed.

“It Ain’t Shit” features Max Julian and Maserati Rick, while “This Ain’t No Movie” brings together Killa Tay, Guce, and Mob Figaz. “Be Like Us” sees Killa Tay returning to the solo spotlight before teaming up with AP9 on “Some Other Shit.”

Finally, “Drought Season” concludes with the epic “20 Bricks (remix),” a powerful collaboration between Killa Tay, B-Legit, Big Rich, E-40, Cellski, The Jacka, and Hoodstarz, highlighting the talent and unity within the West Coast rap scene.



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