Keak Da Sneak – Greatest Hits


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1 Yeah 03:17
2 Super Hyphy (Original) 03:26
3 T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, & Nike’s 03:27
Featuring – E-40
4 Contact Sport 03:14
5 Know What I’m Talking Bout 04:19
6 Everybody Knows My Name 02:23
7 Town Business 02:13
8 Cuz Cuz 03:51
9 On Citas 03:27
10 Pass The Drank 03:44
Featuring – Lil Wayne
11 I Don’t Wanna Go 03:52
12 Yadida Whaa Whaa 03:24
13 Bumpers And Rear Ends 03:24
14 Do Dat 03:28
15 No Can Do 04:03
16 Not Listening 03:56
17 Aaddmin 03:24
18 Can’t Get Enough 02:11
19 Fuck The Dogg 01:53
20 My Life 01:48
21 4 Freaks 04:29


“Greatest Hits” is a compilation album featuring the best of rapper Keak Da Sneak from Oakland, California. Released on September 18, 2007, by AllNDaDoe, this album showcases the highlights of Keak Da Sneak’s career and his contributions to the hyphy movement. With features from artists like E-40 and Lil Wayne, the album is a must-have for fans of Oakland hip hop.

The compilation kicks off with the catchy track “Yeah” and moves on to include the original version of “Super Hyphy,” a song that brought Keak mainstream success. Fans will also appreciate the inclusion of “T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, & Nike’s,” a memorable collaboration with E-40.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Contact Sport,” “Know What I’m Talking Bout,” “Everybody Knows My Name,” “Town Business,” and “Cuz Cuz.” “On Citas” showcases Keak Da Sneak’s signature style, while “Pass The Drank” features a guest appearance from Lil Wayne, adding even more star power to the collection.

“Greatest Hits” serves as a testament to Keak Da Sneak’s impact on the hip hop scene and his ability to create lasting, memorable tracks. Fans new and old will appreciate this compilation as an introduction or a nostalgic reminder of the rapper’s unique style and contributions to the hyphy movement.



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