J. Stalin – Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (Mixtape Magazine Edition)


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1 Intro 01:09
Featuring – Too Short
2 Early Morning Shift 03:30
Featuring – Jay Jonah
3 Diamonds (Remix) 02:48
Featuring – Young Jeezy
4 The Nuthouse 02:49
Featuring – Keak Da Sneak, Richie Rich
5 Interview Part 1 01:15
6 Livewire Anthem 02:50
Featuring – Jay Jonah, Shady Nate
7 Let’s Get It On 02:38
Featuring – T-Pain
8 Reppin’ The Bay 03:05
Featuring – Balance
9 Doin’ It Big 03:22
Featuring – R.O.B., Shady Nate
10 Dre Rock 04:07
Featuring – Alias John Brown, Shady Nate
11 Oaklands Home 03:43
Featuring – Clyde Carson
12 Interview Part 2 02:00
13 Don’t Call Me (999 Hoes) 03:32
Featuring – Aristotle, Ivan The Terrible
14 Windows Tinted 02:49
15 Hammer Rang 03:40
Featuring – Livewire, Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka
16 No Lights 04:28
Featuring – Husalah, Pretty Black
17 No More 04:05
Featuring – Kaz Kyzah, Nate
18 So Cold 02:23
19 Interview Part 3 00:27
20 Fuck You Girl 02:15
Featuring – Dotrix 4000
21 Sing A Sad Song 02:28
22 Why I Be On The Corner 02:49
Featuring – MSD
23 Behind Me 02:12
24 Imaginary Gangsta 02:29
Featuring – Aristotle, Big Rich
25 I Remember 02:28
Featuring – Alias John Brown
26 Bitch Niggas 03:30
Featuring – Kiwi, Maybach
27 My 808 01:03
28 Punk Rock Bitch 02:42
Featuring – Lil’ Darrell
29 Outro 01:02


“Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (Mixtape Magazine Edition)” is a groundbreaking project by Oakland, California-based rapper J. Stalin. Released in 2006 by Zoo Entertainment and Livewire Records, this mixtape showcases J. Stalin’s talent in the hip-hop genre with a unique blend of thug rap and gangsta rap styles.

Featuring 29 tracks, “Early Morning Shift” highlights J. Stalin’s distinctive voice and powerful lyrics, offering a captivating listening experience. The mixtape boasts collaborations with renowned artists such as Too Short, Young Jeezy, Keak Da Sneak, Richie Rich, T-Pain, Clyde Carson, Mistah F.A.B., and The Jacka, among others. These collaborations allow J. Stalin to demonstrate his versatility and prowess as an artist in the hip-hop scene.

Some standout tracks on this mixtape include “Early Morning Shift,” “Diamonds (Remix),” “The Nuthouse,” “Livewire Anthem,” “Let’s Get It On,” “Reppin’ The Bay,” “Doin’ It Big,” and “Hammer Rang.” With introspective tracks like “I Remember” and energetic tunes such as “Punk Rock Bitch,” this mixtape covers a wide range of emotions and themes that appeal to a broad audience.

Born into poverty, J. Stalin’s music often reflects his personal experiences and perspectives, making his work deeply authentic and relatable. With “Early Morning Shift (Mixtape Magazine Edition),” J. Stalin offers a raw and genuine portrayal of his life and the struggles he has faced, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.

Throughout the mixtape, J. Stalin’s unique style and ability to collaborate with various artists create a cohesive and engaging listening experience. “Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (Mixtape Magazine Edition)” is a testament to J. Stalin’s talent and an essential addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.



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