J-Bone – Bonin’ Em


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1 Bonin’ Em 04:37
2 A Joint To Smoke 03:17
3 It’s The D.J. 03:58
4 Who Got The Bomb? 02:55
5 Bone To The J 02:53
6 I Got Your World 04:21


Bonin’ Em, the debut EP by Oakland, California rapper J-Bone (real name Jason Bone), was released in 1995 under Bone Marrow Entertainment. This six-track EP showcases J-Bone’s talent and versatility, incorporating the gangsta rap style popular during that time.

The opening track, “Bonin’ Em,” sets the tone with a strong beat and hard-hitting lyrics. Following that, “A Joint To Smoke” delivers a more laid-back atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate a chill hip-hop track. “It’s The D.J.” pays homage to the essential role of the DJ in hip-hop culture, while “Who Got The Bomb?” brings energy and intensity back to the EP with its catchy hook and infectious rhythm.

“Bone To The J” showcases J-Bone’s smooth flow and lyrical dexterity, while the closing track, “I Got Your World,” offers introspection and sincerity, rounding out the EP with a more personal touch. Bonin’ Em is a solid debut that provides listeners with a taste of J-Bone’s potential and the West Coast hip-hop sound of the mid-’90s.

This release was printed and manufactured by Disc Makers, while the record company and copyrights are held by Bone Marrow Productions. With its blend of hard-hitting beats, catchy hooks, and authentic West Coast vibes, Bonin’ Em stands as a testament to J-Bone’s talent and contribution to the hip-hop scene.



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