Himalayaz – Partners’N Rhyme


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1 Intro (Bambino & Phalos) 00:29
2 Richtor Scale 04:56
Featuring – Baby S, Ms. Toi, Yukmouth
3 AJ Skit 01:23
4 Playa Wayz 04:13
5 Live About It 04:34
Featuring – Kurupt
6 Big Smokin’ 03:37
7 Straight Hustla 04:19
Featuring – Yukmouth
8 What Chu Workin’ Wit 03:50
9 Partners’n Rhyme 03:56
10 Baby S Skit 00:09
11 Hustla’s Fantasy 05:04
12 It Don’t Make Me 04:03
13 Himalaya Mode Interlude 01:39
14 Ice-T (Spittin’ Game) 01:06
15 Cold Game 04:13
Featuring – Ms. Toi
16 No Way 03:46
17 Sef Louvile (Live Call From Prison) 03:05
18 Move Makers 04:08
19 If The Pussy’s Good 04:16
20 Livin’ And Lovin’ 04:45
Featuring – Baby S, Dru Down, Poppa LQ
21 Words From The Wise 02:33


“Partners’N Rhyme” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Himalayaz, comprised of Bambino and Phalos Mode. Released on April 25, 2000, by DL4 Music and Infinite Entertainment, the album offers a compelling fusion of hip-hop styles that showcases the duo’s dynamic chemistry and impressive lyrical skills.

The 21-track album begins with an intro featuring both Bambino and Phalos, setting the stage for a collection of hard-hitting tracks that highlight their unique partnership. Notable songs include “Richtor Scale,” which features Baby S, Ms. Toi, and Yukmouth, and “Live About It,” a collaboration with the iconic Kurupt.

Other standout tracks include “Straight Hustla,” featuring another appearance by Yukmouth, and “Cold Game,” which showcases Ms. Toi’s distinct flow. The album’s titular track, “Partners’n Rhyme,” highlights the duo’s seamless collaboration and their prowess as a formidable rap group.

The album concludes with “Livin’ and Lovin’,” a star-studded collaboration featuring Baby S, Dru Down, and Poppa LQ, followed by the introspective “Words From The Wise.” Throughout the album, Himalayaz combines powerful beats, intricate storytelling, and collaborations with renowned artists to create a captivating debut that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.



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