Havikk The Rhime Son – The Rhime Son


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1 Intro 00:25
2 Ghetto Got Me Shadey 04:19
Featuring – LV
3 Six Million Ways 04:05
Featuring – CMW, MC Eiht, South Central Cartel, Tha Chill
4 I Get My Roll On 04:03
5 We Be Smoking 02:06
Featuring – Kyle Rifkin, Mac Mall
6 Itz On 03:03
Featuring – Marie Kane
7 Interlude (2Pac Memories) 01:00
8 Thug 4 Life 03:36
Featuring – 2Pac
9 Blow Yo Mind 03:09
Featuring – Semi Auto
10 Cali 04:00
11 Knock On Wood (Remix) 03:20
Featuring – B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta, Evil Side G’s (Young Prodeje + Evil Skeem), Jayo Felony
12 Make It Happen 02:39
Featuring – B & J
13 40 Glocc Interlude 00:23
Featuring – 40 Glocc
14 Damn 02:41
Featuring – 40 Glocc
15 Set Trippen’ 03:00
Featuring – Nini X, Hot Dolla, Rated R
16 Had To Be Loc’d 03:10
17 Lifestylez Plush 02:24
Featuring – Gonzoe
18 380 On That Ass 04:00
Featuring – Prodeje, Spice 1
19 Da Clipp 04:00
Featuring – Caliboys
20 Outro (Shout Outs) 01:03
21 I’m Ready 02:56
Featuring – Christy
22 I Get My Roll On (Re-Recorded) 04:10


“The Rhime Son” is a mixed album by Havikk The Rhime Son, a member of the renowned rap group South Central Cartel from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2008 by Straight Hangin Em Productions, this album showcases Havikk’s distinctive gangsta rap and G-funk style, highlighting his lyrical prowess and versatility as a solo artist.

The 22-track album features collaborations with a variety of talented artists such as LV, CMW, MC Eiht, South Central Cartel, Tha Chill, Kyle Rifkin, Mac Mall, Marie Kane, 2Pac, Semi Auto, B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta, Evil Side G’s, Jayo Felony, B & J, 40 Glocc, Bloody Mary aka Nini X, Hot Dolla, Rated R, Gonzoe, Prodeje, Spice 1, and Caliboys. These collaborations bring an array of diverse sounds and unique styles to the album, making it an exciting listening experience.

Notable tracks on the album include “Ghetto Got Me Shadey,” featuring LV, which sets the tone for the album with its catchy hook and gritty lyrics. “Six Million Ways,” featuring CMW, MC Eiht, South Central Cartel, and Tha Chill, is a powerful collaboration that demonstrates Havikk’s ability to work seamlessly with other artists. “Thug 4 Life,” featuring the legendary 2Pac, showcases the raw energy and passion both artists bring to their craft.

Other standout tracks include “We Be Smoking,” “Itz On,” “Cali,” and “380 On That Ass,” all of which highlight Havikk’s signature G-funk sound and lyrical prowess. The album concludes with two bonus tracks, “I’m Ready” and a re-recorded version of “I Get My Roll On.”

“The Rhime Son” is a testament to Havikk The Rhime Son’s talent as a solo artist and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, making it a must-listen for fans of South Central Cartel and West Coast hip-hop.



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