Gonzoe – If I Live And Nothing Happens


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1 Young Ritzy Outlaw 00:37
Featuring – EDI
2 Hit ‘Em Hard 04:46
3 C’est La Vie 04:23
Featuring – Phats Bossillini
4 In The Car With Us 03:56
Featuring – King Lou
5 Salute To The 88 Spokes 00:41
6 Dirty Dancing 03:21
7 One Time 04:35
Featuring – Poppa LQ
8 Ice Pick Bubble & Grind 04:04
Featuring – Kastro
9 You’ll Neva’ Get Next To Me 03:51
Featuring – Madd Max, Mr. X
10 Making Hits 00:36
Featuring – Bill Bang
11 Money 04:26
Featuring – Val Young, Yuk Mouth
12 Ride Or Die 00:54
13 Serenade My Life 03:55
Featuring – The Outlawz
14 I Got It Made 03:10
15 Escape 01:29
16 Out Of Control 03:05


“If I Live And Nothing Happens” is the debut studio album of Los Angeles-based rapper Gonzoe, released on July 28, 1998 by Menes Music Group, Private I Records, and Mercury. This classic West Coast underground hip-hop album boasts 16 tracks, featuring a star-studded line-up of guest appearances from artists like EDI, Phats Bossillini, King Lou, Poppa LQ, Kastro, Madd Max, Mr. X, Bill Bang, Val Young, Yuk Mouth, and The Outlawz.

The album showcases Gonzoe’s unique style and versatility, with tracks like “Young Ritzy Outlaw” and “Hit ‘Em Hard” setting the tone with their hard-hitting beats and memorable hooks. Other standout tracks include “C’est La Vie,” “In The Car With Us,” and “One Time,” which highlight the rapper’s storytelling abilities and lyricism.

“Making Hits” and “Money” showcase the album’s collaborative spirit, with standout verses from featured artists. The powerful “Ride or Die” and introspective “Serenade My Life” demonstrate Gonzoe’s depth as an artist. The album closes with the energetic “I Got It Made” and “Out of Control,” leaving listeners craving more of Gonzoe’s raw talent.

The late Ronald Moore, better known by his stage name Gonzoe, was a member of The Regime, a former member of Kausion, and a friend of the legendary 2Pac. “If I Live And Nothing Happens” is a testament to Gonzoe’s contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene and remains an influential work in the genre.



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