Goldy – The Golden Rules


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1 Goldy’s Theme 01:17
2 Fuck Wit Yo Patna 04:36
3 Bottom Girl 05:15
4 Mover & A Shaker 04:38
5 The Shit 00:32
6 Ghetto Star 04:35
7 Dream 2 B 05:57
8 Kicking Pimping 00:17
9 Mackula 05:28
10 Player’s World 04:32
11 Turned Out 05:10
12 Happily Ever After 04:53
13 Stressin’ Me 05:48
14 Save Me From Myself 06:00
15 Secret Of America 00:13
16 Get Rich 03:41
17 2 G Pimping 04:41
18 Balls & Brains 00:04
19 Xperienced 03:52


“The Golden Rules” is the third studio album by Oakland, California rapper Goldy, released on November 10, 1998, under Cool Cats Entertainment and Anansi Records. This album showcases Goldy’s unique gangsta hip-hop style, merging heavy beats with smooth storytelling that captures the essence of the streets.

The album consists of 19 tracks, taking listeners on a journey through Goldy’s world. With songs like “Goldy’s Theme,” “Fuck Wit Yo Patna,” “Bottom Girl,” “Mover & A Shaker,” “Ghetto Star,” “Dream 2 B,” “Mackula,” “Player’s World,” “Turned Out,” “Happily Ever After,” “Stressin’ Me,” “Save Me From Myself,” “Get Rich,” “2 G Pimping,” and “Xperienced,” Goldy demonstrates his versatility and ability to connect with his audience through his music.

Goldy, also known as Mhisani Miller, co-produced several tracks on the album, working alongside other talented producers such as Black, Black Hornet Productions, Gruvlyne, and Ruff Knight Productions. The album was arranged by Lil’ Pep, with artwork by Phunky Phat Graph-X, and executive produced by CD and Goldy himself. Mastered by Goldy and Tony Mills, the album was mixed by the same duo, ensuring a polished sound throughout.

Notable collaborations on the album include Sug & Otis on “Bottom Girl” and “Happily Ever After,” and Byron Gibson on guitar for “Dream 2 B.” These collaborations add depth and diversity to the overall listening experience, making “The Golden Rules” a standout album in Goldy’s discography.

“The Golden Rules” is a testament to Goldy’s growth as an artist and his ability to create authentic, relatable music for his fans. With its unique blend of gangsta hip-hop and smooth storytelling, this album is an essential listen for fans of the genre and a showcase of Goldy’s undeniable talent.



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