God’s Original Gangstaz – True 2 The Game


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1 Tha Beginning 01:14
2 Theme Of A Gangtsa 01:43
3 Break ‘Em Off 03:26
4 Ghetto Is My Pulpit 05:05
5 Searchin’ 04:04
6 Reality √ 01:21
7 Gangsta Glide 04:02
8 Day N Tha Life 04:45
9 Close Friend 05:30
10 B.C. 00:18
11 Where He Brought Me From 02:32
12 ♥ N Tha Ghetto 04:04
13 No Exit 05:13
14 Locked N 02:28
15 No Compromise 03:34
16 True 2 Tha Game 03:48
17 First ♥ 06:17
18 2 C. Continued 00:42


“True 2 The Game” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group God’s Original Gangstaz, released in 1996 under Grapetree Records and Pacifica Records. The album features a conscious hip-hop style, with thought-provoking lyrics and themes.

The album begins with “Tha Beginning,” an introduction to the group’s unique style and message. “Theme Of A Gangsta” highlights the group’s commitment to their roots and experiences, while “Break ‘Em Off” showcases their lyrical prowess. “Ghetto Is My Pulpit” demonstrates the group’s ability to use their music as a platform for discussing social issues, and “Searchin'” delves into the quest for purpose and meaning.

“Reality √” confronts the harsh realities faced by many in the urban environment, while “Gangsta Glide” offers a smooth, laid-back track that highlights the group’s versatility. “Day N Tha Life” provides an introspective look into the daily struggles and triumphs of the group members, and “Close Friend” emphasizes the importance of loyalty and friendship.

“B.C.” and “Where He Brought Me From” explore themes of redemption and personal growth, while “♥ N Tha Ghetto” and “No Exit” discuss love and resilience in the face of adversity. “Locked N” and “No Compromise” emphasize the group’s unwavering dedication to their craft and message.

“True 2 Tha Game,” the album’s title track, serves as a powerful anthem for staying true to one’s roots and beliefs, and “First ♥” celebrates the power of love and connection. The album concludes with “2 C. Continued,” a promise of more thought-provoking and powerful music from the group.

“True 2 The Game” stands as a testament to God’s Original Gangstaz’s commitment to conscious hip-hop and their ability to create meaningful, impactful music.



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