God’s Original Gangstaz – Pawns In A Chess Game


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1 Wes Side 05:01
2 Tickin’ 04:48
3 Exodus 04:05
4 Ta’ Night 04:16
5 Do You C? 04:53
6 Tha Reason Why • Reality √ 06:43
7 Still Tru 04:50
8 Pawns In A Chess Game 04:19
9 G’s In The Mist 04:12
10 Soldier Story 04:16
11 Tha Day After 04:46
12 Without You 05:34


“Pawns In A Chess Game” is the third studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group God’s Original Gangstaz, released on November 12, 1998 by Grapetree Records. The album features a unique blend of gangsta, conscious, and G-Funk styles that sets it apart from other hip-hop releases of the time.

The album opens with “Wes Side,” a track that pays homage to the group’s West Coast roots, followed by “Tickin’,” which reflects on the passage of time and the urgency to make a change. “Exodus” continues the album’s introspective journey, exploring themes of escape and redemption.

“Ta’ Night” and “Do You C?” delve into the challenges faced in daily life and the importance of staying true to one’s values, while “Tha Reasaon Why/Reality” offers a sobering look at the harsh realities of life.

“Still Tru” serves as a reaffirmation of the group’s commitment to their faith and their community, and the title track “Pawns In A Chess Game” examines the concept of being manipulated by external forces.

“G’s In The Mist” and “Soldier Story” showcase the group’s storytelling abilities, vividly depicting the struggles faced by those trying to stay true to their beliefs in a tumultuous world. “Tha Day After” reflects on the consequences of one’s actions and the need for redemption, while the album closes with “Without You,” a heartfelt tribute to the power of love and support in overcoming adversity.

“Pawns In A Chess Game” is a compelling album that highlights God’s Original Gangstaz’s ability to seamlessly blend gangsta, conscious, and G-Funk styles to create a unique and thought-provoking listening experience.



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