Godpawn – I.M.M.O.D


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1 Dats Dat Shit 02:38
2 Mind Of Machinery 03:18
Featuring – Madchild
3 Down Like That 03:47
Featuring – Ces Cru
4 Mulligan 01:14
5 Tonight 04:48
6 Puff Puff 03:13
Featuring – Cali G
7 Nothing To Me 03:18
8 Every Angle 02:46
Featuring – Esham
9 Checkmate 02:52
10 Banter Is Cancer 02:49
Featuring – Twisted Insane
11 Kamikaze 03:54
Featuring – Esham
12 F.U.C.R 03:25
Featuring – Delusional
13 Moving Forward 04:40
Featuring – Kung Fu Vampire
14 Blood Lies And Alibis 02:32
15 Get Fucked 02:12
16 Selfactactics 03:01
17 Blood Lies And Alibis (Remix) 02:41


“I.M.M.O.D” is a project by Los Angeles-based rap group Godpawn, released on May 16, 2014, under Anti-Authority Records and Freedom Union Records. This hip-hop album showcases the group’s lyrical abilities and unique style, featuring collaborations with Madchild, Ces Cru, Cali G, Esham, Twisted Insane, Delusional, and Kung Fu Vampire. Godpawn consists of DJ Filthy Freqs, Mulligan, and Nekro G.

The album kicks off with “Dats Dat Shit,” setting the tone for the energetic and powerful tracks to follow. “Mind of Machinery,” featuring Madchild, offers a heavy-hitting collaboration that highlights both artists’ skills. “Down Like That,” featuring Ces Cru, provides a catchy and memorable track that showcases Godpawn’s versatility.

After a brief “Segue 1,” the album continues with “Mulligan,” a short but impactful track that demonstrates the group’s lyrical prowess. “Tonight” slows things down, while “Puff Puff,” featuring Cali G, brings an upbeat vibe that captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop.

“Nothing To Me” is a confident and defiant track that displays Godpawn’s unique flow. “Every Angle,” featuring Esham, offers a dark and gritty collaboration that pushes the boundaries of the genre. “Banter Is Cancer,” featuring Twisted Insane, serves as an aggressive and fast-paced track that demands attention.

“Kamikaze,” another collaboration with Esham, showcases Godpawn’s ability to switch up their flow and keep listeners engaged. “FUCR,” featuring Delusional, is a powerful anthem with a rebellious undertone. “Moving Forward,” featuring Kung Fu Vampire, delivers a message of perseverance and personal growth.

The album concludes with tracks like “Blood Lies And Alibis,” “Get Fucked,” “Selfactactics,” and the remix of “Blood Lies And Alibis,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Godpawn’s distinct style and lyrical abilities.

“I.M.M.O.D” is a powerful project that highlights Godpawn’s talent and versatility as a hip-hop group.



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