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1 Intro 01:03
2 Cant See Me 03:29
3 Whats My Name 04:10
4 Keep Ya Head Ringing 04:43
5 C Walk 03:19
6 Dollaz N Sense 03:25
7 600 Degrees 03:12
8 Skit 00:38
9 Natural Born Drug Dealer 04:18
10 Still Crazy 02:26
11 I Want Benz 03:17
12 Regular 03:31
13 6pm On Slauson 03:43
14 How Bout Now 01:40
15 702 03:25
16 Best Of Me 02:17
17 Snitch Niggaz 04:24
18 Crenshaw Takeover 03:20
19 Scarface Skit 01:17
20 The Ride 04:10
21 Dear Slauson 03:08


“7grams” is a mixtape project by Los Angeles-based rapper Gijoe_omg, released on November 3, 2016, under On My Grind LLC. The mixtape features 21 tracks that showcase Gijoe_omg’s talent and unique style, blending elements of West Coast hip-hop with introspective lyricism.

The mixtape begins with a short “Intro” that sets the stage for the energetic tracks to follow. “Cant See Me” and “Whats My Name” demonstrate Gijoe_omg’s confident flow and catchy hooks, while “Keep Ya Head Ringing” offers a smooth, laid-back vibe that’s perfect for cruising through the streets of Los Angeles.

“C Walk” and “Dollaz N Sense” continue the mixtape’s momentum with hard-hitting beats and memorable lyrics that pay homage to the West Coast hip-hop scene. “600 Degrees” adds a gritty edge to the project, while the “Skit” provides a brief moment of comic relief.

“Natural Born Drug Dealer” delves into darker themes, showcasing Gijoe_omg’s storytelling abilities and vivid imagery. “Still Crazy” and “I Want Benz” offer catchy, infectious hooks that are sure to get listeners nodding their heads.

“Regular,” “6pm On Slauson,” and “How Bout Now” explore themes of ambition, determination, and the struggle for success. “702” and “Best Of Me” display Gijoe_omg’s versatility, blending introspective lyrics with memorable melodies.

“Snitch Niggaz” and “Crenshaw Takeover” serve as powerful anthems with a distinctly West Coast flavor. The mixtape concludes with tracks like “Scarface Skit,” “The Ride,” and “Dear Slauson,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Gijoe_omg’s unique sound and lyrical abilities.

“7grams” is a solid mixtape that showcases Gijoe_omg’s talent and versatility as an up-and-coming rapper in the hip-hop scene.



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