Various – Mad Dog Presents Northern Cali Stomp


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1 Bear, D-Shot, Reach Slidin N Dippin 01:20
2 Bear Bear Huggin Da Heat 04:26
3 Devious, X-Raided Itz On 04:57
4 Say-So Westcoast 03:27
5 The Fam Bam Cali Stomp 03:39
6 Devious, Smigg Dirtee Gotta Get It 02:46
7 D DUBB Top Down 04:34
8 Davina, Big Tone Blame It On Da Game 03:48
9 Mad Dog, Sleepy Santino Time To Shine 04:14
10 Bear, Mac Dre, Hugh Heff Gangsta Code 04:22
11 8Ballatician, Devious They Are The Hardest 03:09
12 B-Legit, Luni Coleone, Devious, Smigg Dirtee Last Dance 03:06
13 Mad Dog, Don Changolini, Young Luck, Fat Steve N Northern Cali 03:41
14 Mad Dog, Tito B., Reach This Shit Is Real 03:52
15 Diesel Northern Cali Stomp 03:22
16 Diesel, Drizzae, Mental Illness Do It Big 04:27
17 Bear, Bo Bizz Till My Casket Drops 03:11
18 Say-So, T-Nutty Bringin Heat 03:31


“Mad Dog Presents Northern Cali Stomp” is a compilation album featuring various artists from Northern California, showcasing their unique styles and dedication to the hip-hop scene. Released on July 17, 2007, by R.N.L.G., this compilation features 18 tracks that highlight the diverse talent coming out of Northern California.

The album kicks off with “Slidin N Dippin” by Bear, D-Shot, and Reach, setting the tone for an energetic and powerful listening experience. Tracks like “Bear Huggin Da Heat” by Bear, “Itz On” by Devious and X-Raided, and “Westcoast” by Say-So showcase the raw lyrical talent and hard-hitting beats that are synonymous with Northern California’s hip-hop scene.

With songs like “Cali Stomp” by The Fam Bam and “Gotta Get It” by Devious and Smigg Dirtee, this compilation emphasizes the unique fusion of West Coast and Northern California styles. “Top Down” by D DUBB and “Blame It On Da Game” by Davina and Big Tone further illustrate the versatility of these artists as they explore different themes and sounds.

“Time To Shine” by Mad Dog and Sleepy Santino, “Gangsta Code” by Bear, Mac Dre, and Hugh Heff, and “They Are The Hardest” by 8Ballatician and Devious demonstrate the artists’ commitment to representing their roots and staying true to the Northern California lifestyle.

The album closes out with tracks like “N Northern Cali” by Mad Dog, Don Changolini, Young Luck, and Fat Steve, “This Shit Is Real” by Mad Dog, Tito B., and Reach, and “Bringin Heat” by Say-So and T-Nutty, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the talent coming out of Northern California’s hip-hop scene.

“Mad Dog Presents Northern Cali Stomp” is an essential compilation for fans of Northern California hip-hop, showcasing a diverse range of artists and styles that have shaped the region’s distinctive sound.



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