Gee Dawg ‘n’ Joe Boy – They Don’t Understand


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1 Intro 01:57
2 Niggaz U Can’t Trust 03:41
3 Death’s Knockin 04:29
4 Why? 04:45
5 They Don’t Understand 03:45
6 Walkin As A Menace 04:18
7 Judgement Night 04:30
Featuring – Young Daks
8 I Miss U 02:40
9 Konfessin A Feelin 04:47
Featuring – Gangsta Trigga
10 Last But Not Least 03:30
11 The Good Times 03:15


“They Don’t Understand” is the only studio album by the rap duo Gee Dawg ‘n’ Joe Boy, hailing from Compton, California. Released on July 2, 1996, by Menace Muzik Inc., the album showcases the duo’s dynamic storytelling and talent in the gangsta rap genre.

Gee Dawg ‘n’ Joe Boy, a gangsta rap duo from Compton, CA, deliver a powerful performance in their album “They Don’t Understand.” With 11 hard-hitting tracks, the album explores themes of trust, death, judgment, and love, while showcasing the duo’s unique style and lyrical abilities. Standout tracks include “Niggaz U Can’t Trust,” “Death’s Knockin,” “Why?” and the titular “They Don’t Understand.”

The album features additional vocal performances by Chad, Pankake, Riva Higgins, Chuck Davis, and Young Daks, as well as a rap feature by Gangsta Trigga on “Konfessin A Feelin.” Gee Dawg and Joe Boy also produced most of the tracks, with L Cool V producing “Death’s Knockin.” The album’s intricate production is highlighted by the musicianship of bassist Maazi, keyboardists Austin Marks, Marvin Boone, and Norris Hibbitt, as well as Hank Orozco on bass and rhythm guitar.

“They Don’t Understand” is an impressive and underrated gem from the 90s gangsta rap scene that showcases the raw talent and storytelling of Gee Dawg ‘n’ Joe Boy. Their authentic portrayal of life in Compton, California, combined with their distinctive sound, makes this album a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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