Gangster Diciple – Missing In Action


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Before I Let Go 04:03
2 Thinking Of You 04:56
3 Missing In Action 03:56
4 Dead End 04:31


“Missing In Action” is an extremely rare and highly sought-after maxi-single release by Oakland-based rapper Gangster Diciple. Released in 1993 under the Milo Records label, this cassette features four tracks that showcase Gangster Diciple’s exceptional talent and unique sound, making it an important piece of Oakland’s hip-hop history.

Opening with “Before I Let Go,” the maxi-single immediately demonstrates Gangster Diciple’s smooth flow and captivating storytelling abilities. The second track, “Thinking of You,” features the soulful backing vocals of Mable Broadway, further enhancing the listening experience.

The B-side of the cassette starts with the title track, “Missing In Action,” once again featuring Mable Broadway’s enchanting backing vocals. This track stands out with its poignant lyrics and thought-provoking message. The maxi-single concludes with “Dead End,” a powerful track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Engineered by Roy Combs, with music arranged and produced by Pete Yates, “Missing In Action” is a testament to the creative collaboration that went into making this rare gem. The executive producer, Lee R. McCullough, played a vital role in bringing this project to life, making it a highly desired release among hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors.

Despite its rarity, “Missing In Action” remains an essential part of Oakland’s hip-hop legacy, showcasing the depth and diversity of the genre during the early 1990s. Gangster Diciple’s unique sound and style, combined with the incredible talent of the musicians and producers involved, make this maxi-single a must-have for fans of West Coast hip-hop.


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