G-Lew – Back To The Future


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1 Intro 00:18
2 Back In Da Day 01:45
3 I Want It All 04:29
4 God Talk 00:26
5 I Need God 03:48
Featuring – Young G
6 The Good Times 04:14
Featuring – Felicia
7 Laugh Now Cry Later 02:27
8 The Set Up 01:04
9 Cant Keep Running 03:27
Featuring – Yg, Big-D-L0c
10 My Life 03:46
11 The Hustle 00:19
12 The Game Must Love Me 02:44
Featuring – Felicia
13 Im Real 02:31
Featuring – Kamaya
14 Reminise 02:59
15 Music & Me 04:39
16 Geez Dont Dance 04:40


Back To The Future is a studio album by rapper G-Lew from Los Angeles, California. The album was released on November 29, 2009 by Original Musik Group.

The album features a variety of guest artists, including Young G, Felicia, Yg, Big-D-L0c, and Kamaya. It opens with a short intro before launching into “Back In Da Day,” a nostalgic track that reflects on the artist’s upbringing.

“I Want It All” is a confident anthem that asserts G-Lew’s determination to succeed, while “God Talk” is a brief interlude that touches on spiritual themes. “I Need God” follows, featuring Young G, and continues the spiritual theme with a focus on redemption and hope.

“The Good Times,” featuring Felicia, is a laid-back track that reminisces about happy memories, while “Laugh Now Cry Later” is a more upbeat song that encourages listeners to enjoy life to the fullest.

“Cant Keep Running,” featuring Yg and Big-D-L0c, is a hard-hitting track that discusses the struggles of life in the inner city, while “My Life” is a more introspective song that reflects on the artist’s personal journey.

“The Hustle” is another brief interlude that leads into “The Game Must Love Me,” a track featuring Felicia that deals with the ups and downs of the music industry. “Im Real,” featuring Kamaya, is a song about staying true to oneself, while “Reminise” is a reflective track that looks back on the artist’s life.

The album concludes with “Music & Me” and “Geez Dont Dance,” two tracks that celebrate music and the joy it brings to people’s lives. Overall, Back To The Future is a diverse and introspective album that covers a range of topics and themes.



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