Fred Cole – Cole Season


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1 My Life 04:28
Featuring – Moe
2 Put Me In Da Game 03:37
3 Go Dumb 03:28
4 Catch Phrases 03:12
Featuring – Hard Head Bayb
5 Who Got It 05:07
6 Benjamin Franklin 03:17
7 I Got To Be 03:52
Featuring – Lady Ree
8 I Get Money 04:21
Featuring – Kontrak, Nuff Ced
9 Bartender 04:16
Featuring – Swang Jones
10 Ring Around Tha Rosey (R.A.T.R) 03:16
Featuring – Young Jd
11 No Mo 05:33
Featuring – A Rod, Street Scholar
12 Who Got It (Remix) 05:38
Featuring – Naimah, Cory Savage, Street Scholar, Cuttdogg


“Cole Season,” released on March 21, 2017, by StaReal Ent, is a compelling mixtape by Birmingham, Alabama rapper Fred Cole. The 12-track project features a star-studded lineup, including Moe, Hard Head Bayb, Lady Ree, Kontrak, Nuff Ced, Swang Jones, Young Jd, A Rod, Street Scholar, Naimah, Cory Savage, and Cuttdogg. This mixtape is a testament to Fred Cole’s versatility and creativity as an artist.

The mixtape kicks off with “My Life,” featuring Moe, giving listeners a glimpse into Fred Cole’s personal experiences and journey in the rap game. “Put Me In Da Game” and “Go Dumb” follow with high energy, showcasing Cole’s hunger for success and determination to make his mark.

“Catch Phrases,” featuring Hard Head Bayb, and “Who Got It” keep the momentum going with their catchy hooks and unforgettable lyrics. “Benjamin Franklin” adds a layer of ambition and financial motivation to the mixtape.

“I Got To Be,” featuring Lady Ree, brings a unique and soulful vibe to the project, while “I Get Money,” featuring Kontrak and Nuff Ced, emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication. “Bartender,” featuring Swang Jones, serves up a smooth, laid-back track that showcases Cole’s versatility.

“Ring Around Tha Rosey (R.A.T.R),” featuring Young Jd, and “No Mo,” featuring A Rod and Street Scholar, continue to highlight Fred Cole’s ability to collaborate with other talented artists, creating memorable tracks with dynamic chemistry. The mixtape concludes with the “Who Got It (Remix),” featuring Naimah, Cory Savage, Street Scholar, and Cuttdogg, putting a fresh spin on the earlier track and leaving listeners wanting more.

“Cole Season” is a dynamic, diverse mixtape that truly showcases Fred Cole’s abilities as a rapper, making it a must-listen for fans of hip-hop.



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