Fc Bart Simp – National Finesse League


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1 Just Because Yo Love 02:14
2 Everybody Love Me 03:49
Featuring – Dee Dashio
3 Trap Dreams 02:58
4 Best Friend 03:52
5 Jumpers 04:44
Featuring – 2lane 15, Atrappernametony
6 Julio 03:25
7 Wrist Game 02:31
8 New Wave Drag Racing 03:48
9 All Love 03:35
10 Pull Up Durant 01:52


“National Finesse League” is an engaging mixtape project by Montgomery, Alabama rapper Fc Bart Simp, released on October 29, 2017, under the Finesse Camp label. Showcasing Fc Bart Simp’s distinct style and clever wordplay, the mixtape offers a diverse range of tracks that appeal to hip-hop fans of all kinds.

The mixtape opens with “Just Because Yo Love,” setting the tone for the project with its catchy beat and Fc Bart Simp’s distinctive flow. As the mixtape progresses, listeners are treated to collaborations with other talented artists such as Dee Dashio on “Everybody Love Me,” and 2lane 15 and Atrappernametony on “Jumpers,” demonstrating Fc Bart Simp’s ability to work seamlessly with other rappers.

Tracks like “Trap Dreams” and “Best Friend” showcase Fc Bart Simp’s storytelling skills and introspective lyrics, while “Julio” and “Wrist Game” highlight his talent for crafting catchy hooks and memorable verses. “New Wave Drag Racing” and “All Love” continue to showcase the rapper’s versatility, as he effortlessly transitions between different styles and beats.

Closing out the mixtape with the high-energy “Pull Up Durant,” Fc Bart Simp leaves listeners wanting more of his unique sound and undeniable charisma. “National Finesse League” is a strong offering from an emerging talent, solidifying Fc Bart Simp’s status as a rapper to watch in the hip-hop scene.



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