Father Dom – Bombay


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1 Playarea Dreams 03:38
2 I Luv Hip Hop 03:03
3 Just The Way We Play The Bay 02:56
4 What’s The Skit? 03:00
5 California 02:59
6 Break Beat 02:48
7 My Bitch 04:13
8 You So Major 03:14
9 No Welfare Kids 04:15
10 What’s Your Name Girl? 03:48
11 Star 02:04
12 Luv Jam 03:37
13 Keep On Making Me High 03:32
14 Falling 04:51
15 Kitty Kat 04:16
16 Excstacy 02:56
17 Heat 01:47
18 Jungle Tale 02:42


“Bombay” is an incredibly rare and unique release by Oakland rapper Father Dom. Released exclusively on cassette tape in 1998, this album is a treasure trove of distinct hip-hop tracks that showcase Father Dom’s talent and versatility as an artist.

The album kicks off with “Playarea Dreams,” a track that sets the stage for the rest of the release with its captivating beats and imaginative lyrics. Following that, “I Luv Hip Hop” is a heartfelt ode to the genre that shaped Father Dom’s career, demonstrating his passion for the music and culture.

As the album progresses, listeners are treated to a variety of tracks that highlight the different aspects of life in the Bay Area. “Just The Way We Play The Bay” and “California” celebrate the unique vibe and culture of the region, while “What’s The Skit?” and “Break Beat” provide a more introspective look at the challenges faced by those living in the area.

Father Dom’s storytelling prowess is on full display with tracks like “My Bitch,” “You So Major,” and “No Welfare Kids.” These songs delve into various aspects of life, love, and struggle, offering a glimpse into the mind of the rapper.

The album also features a mix of more light-hearted and sensual tracks, such as “What’s Your Name Girl?,” “Star,” “Luv Jam,” “Keep On Making Me High,” “Falling,” “Kitty Kat,” “Excstacy,” and “Heat.” These songs showcase Father Dom’s ability to create engaging and enjoyable tunes that cater to a wide range of listeners.

Closing the album with “Jungle Tale,” Father Dom leaves a lasting impression on listeners, ensuring that this rare release remains memorable and cherished by fans of hip-hop.


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