Earl Swavey – Gangland 3


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1 Gangland, Pt. 2 01:39
2 Land Of The Gang 02:44
3 Faces 04:26
Featuring – Sean Mackk, Teefoe
4 Catch Ah Body 02:15
5 Snitches 03:08
Featuring – Boogie, Shawty
6 Troopin 03:18
Featuring – Sad Boy Loko, Tyson Crookmind, Lil Me
7 Betrayed 02:55
Featuring – 03greedo
8 Benz Or A Jag 02:44
Featuring – Nebula Swavey
9 Mo Bandz 03:17
Featuring – Ad
10 Right Here 02:36
Featuring – Heto
11 Up And Away 02:44
12 I Can’t 02:21
Featuring – Heto
13 She Gone Choose Interlude 02:07
Featuring – Mogwop
14 Wit The Homies 02:51
Featuring – Tiny E
15 Paranoia 02:57
Featuring – Caliyo
16 War Ready 02:22
Featuring – Yhung T.O
17 Statements 02:48
Featuring – Nno
18 Rollan 02:29
Featuring – Booda, Shooby Mack
19 Papers 03:13
Featuring – Gwop
20 Not Me 02:27
Featuring – R3ady
21 New Shit 02:22
Featuring – Nutty Boy


“Gangland 3” is a highly anticipated mixtape by Los Angeles rapper Earl Swavey, released on November 11, 2017, under Swavemusic. This project features an impressive lineup of guest artists, including Sean Mackk, Teefoe, Boogie, Shawty, Sad Boy Loko, Tyson Crookmind, Lil Me, 03greedo, Nebula Swavey, Ad, Heto, Mogwop, Tiny E, Caliyo, Yhung T.O, Nno, Booda, Shooby Mack, Gwop, R3ady, and Nutty Boy.

The mixtape kicks off with “Gangland, Pt. 2,” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its aggressive beat and confident delivery. “Land Of The Gang” and “Faces” featuring Sean Mackk and Teefoe continue to deliver hard-hitting tracks that showcase Earl Swavey’s authentic storytelling and unique style.

With songs like “Catch Ah Body,” “Snitches” featuring Boogie and Shawty, and “Troopin” featuring Sad Boy Loko, Tyson Crookmind, and Lil Me, Earl Swavey proves his versatility as an artist, diving into deeper themes while maintaining the project’s overall intensity.

Throughout the mixtape, Earl Swavey collaborates with various artists to create memorable tracks, including “Benz Or A Jag” featuring Nebula Swavey, “Mo Bandz” featuring Ad, “Right Here” featuring Heto, and “Paranoia” featuring Caliyo.

Closing out the project, tracks like “War Ready” featuring Yhung T.O, “Statements” featuring Nno, “Rollan” featuring Booda and Shooby Mack, “Papers” featuring Gwop, “Not Me” featuring R3ady, and “New Shit” featuring Nutty Boy leave a lasting impression of Earl Swavey’s distinctive sound and undeniable talent.

“Gangland 3” is a dynamic mixtape that further solidifies Earl Swavey’s position in the hip-hop scene, showcasing his growth as an artist and his ability to collaborate with an array of talented musicians.



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