E.Z.B. & DJ Los – Untouchable


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1 Untouchable 04:58
2 We’re Here To Stay 03:35
3 Girl, You’re My Destiny 04:15
4 Down Wit The Posse 03:29
5 Power Of The Bass 03:43
6 We Rock Hard 04:15
7 Keep On Rockin It 03:34
8 Hit Me 01:02
9 Money Is Movin 03:40
10 DJ Los Concert Theme 03:26
11 Your Turn! 03:54


Untouchable is a seminal rap album released in 1988 by the Detroit-based duo E.Z.B. & DJ Los. The only studio album by the group, it was produced by Carl “Butch” Small and Gene David. The album features a variety of hard-hitting beats that showcase E.Z.B.’s lyrical prowess, along with DJ Los’ scratching and turntablism skills.

Untouchable is known for its gritty and raw sound, which captured the energy and spirit of the Detroit rap scene of the late 1980s. The album’s themes are rooted in street life, with E.Z.B.’s lyrics detailing his experiences growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Detroit. The standout tracks on the album include “Untouchable,” “Down Wit The Posse,” and “Money Is Movin,” which exemplify the duo’s unique style of socially conscious yet hard-hitting rap music.

Despite its importance in the development of Detroit rap and its influence on subsequent generations of rappers, Untouchable remains largely unknown outside of the hardcore rap scene. However, the album’s impact on the rap world cannot be overstated, and it stands as a testament to the creativity and resilience of Detroit’s vibrant rap community.


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