E.S.G. – Screwed Up Christmas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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1 I’m Good 05:36
Featuring – Apostle James Ross
2 We Come To Praise Him 04:05
3 Shelter 04:34
4 No Fear 01:52
5 Lit 03:36
Featuring – Str8 Money Kdog
6 Holy Drums 03:26
7 Collection Plate 03:22
8 Screwed Up Christmas 04:29
Featuring – Kdogg, Carl Frnkland, Ugly Bubba
9 Not Too Late 04:10
10 Talking Down 04:21
Featuring – Herb, Greg


Screwed Up Christmas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a project by rapper E.S.G from Houston, California. The album was released on January 25, 2019 by GT Digital and has features by Apostle James Ross, Str8 Money Kdog, Kdogg, Carl Frnkland, Ugly Bubba, Herb and Greg.



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