Dual Committee – Dual Committee


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1 Intro 02:03
2 Your Friends 04:05
3 Can’t Stop It 03:59
4 Dedicated 03:51
5 Believe It 04:02
6 Skit 00:11
7 R.S. (Hi-Tech Version) 04:13
8 Hit The Gas Again 04:27
9 Bring The Pain 04:36
10 Outro 01:02


“Dual Committee” is a self-titled album by the Oakland, California-based rap group Dual Committee, comprising Ager-Man and Keak Da Sneak. The album was released on March 21, 2000, by Moe Doe Entertainment, presenting a collection of gritty, street-inspired tracks that showcase the duo’s talent for storytelling and memorable hooks.

The album starts with a powerful “Intro,” leading into “Your Friends,” produced by E-A-Ski. The track sets the tone for the album, blending raw lyrics with hard-hitting beats. “Can’t Stop It,” another E-A-Ski production, follows with a relentless energy that emphasizes the duo’s commitment to their craft.

“Dedicated,” produced by the legendary Ant Banks, offers a more introspective look at the rappers’ experiences and challenges they’ve faced. “Believe It,” produced by Deandre Griffen, carries a similar message of perseverance, urging listeners to stay true to their beliefs and aspirations.

A brief skit separates the album’s first half from the second, as “R.S. (Hi-Tech Version)” kicks in with Alonzo Jackson’s innovative production. “Hit The Gas Again,” produced by Rick Rock, injects a sense of urgency into the album, pushing listeners to keep moving forward.

The penultimate track, “Bring The Pain,” sees Tone Capone taking over production duties, providing a backdrop for the rappers to deliver their hard-hitting verses. The album comes to a close with the “Outro,” wrapping up the project and leaving listeners with a strong impression of Dual Committee’s undeniable talent.

“Dual Committee” is a standout release for Ager-Man and Keak Da Sneak, showcasing their unique styles and impressive lyrical abilities. This album is a must-have for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those who appreciate authentic storytelling through music.



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