Dreheem – Finally Inspired


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1 Intro 01:32
2 Stuck In My Ways 03:33
3 Nothing But Love 03:02
Featuring – LewLew
4 Hurt Nobody 03:45
5 No Worries 03:09
Featuring – Young Gully
6 Speechless Thoughts 02:32
7 Where Would I Be 03:18
Featuring – Djay
8 The Waiting Game 02:25
9 Fuck What They Say 02:49
10 About Me 03:03


“Finally Inspired” is a mixtape by Oakland-based rapper Dreheem, released on October 15, 2017. Showcasing his versatile rap skills, Dreheem dives deep into his experiences and emotions through ten thought-provoking tracks. The mixtape features collaborations with LewLew, Young Gully, and Djay, adding a unique blend of styles to the project.

The mixtape kicks off with the “Intro,” where Dreheem sets the tone for the rest of the project. On “Stuck In My Ways,” he raps about his determination to stay true to his roots, regardless of the challenges life throws at him. “Nothing But Love,” featuring LewLew, is a heartfelt track expressing Dreheem’s love and gratitude to those who have supported him throughout his journey.

In “Hurt Nobody,” Dreheem reflects on his desire to maintain a positive influence in his community, followed by “No Worries,” featuring Young Gully, where both artists discuss overcoming obstacles and maintaining a carefree attitude. “Speechless Thoughts” is a more introspective track, as Dreheem ponders the complexities of life and personal growth.

“Where Would I Be,” featuring Djay, is a testament to the importance of support systems in achieving success. Dreheem takes a more introspective approach in “The Waiting Game,” as he ruminates on patience and the importance of timing in life. “Fuck What They Say” is a defiant anthem, encouraging listeners to disregard negativity and pursue their dreams. The mixtape concludes with “About Me,” a reflective track where Dreheem shares his personal story and the inspiration behind his music.



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