Down Low – Colorblind


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1 Southern Pimptight Playatro 01:41
2 Flossin’ 03:51
3 Recognize This 04:14
4 Kurupt 03:45
5 Playa Hata Killa 04:06
6 Modified Pimpin’ 05:02
7 Slumpin’ 04:51
8 O.G.P. 04:17
9 Amazing Grace (interlude) 00:58
10 ColorBlind 07:55
11 On Tha D.L. 04:54
12 Premonitions / Shout Outs 07:01


“Colorblind” is the only studio album by rap group Down Low from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released in 1996 under the label 2 Tha Max Music, the album showcases the group’s distinctive take on the gangsta rap genre, with a blend of gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats.

The album comprises 12 tracks, each exploring different aspects of street life, relationships, and the struggles faced by the group members. Beginning with “Southern Pimptight Playatro,” the album takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Little Rock, delving into topics such as success, loyalty, and survival.

Standout tracks on the album include “Flossin’,” “Recognize This,” “Kurupt,” “Playa Hata Killa,” “Modified Pimpin’,” and the titular track “Colorblind.” The album also features the poignant “Amazing Grace (interlude),” which adds a unique, introspective touch to the overall experience.

“Colorblind” is a testament to Down Low’s raw talent and their ability to create a memorable and impactful album within the gangsta rap genre. The group’s authentic portrayal of life in Little Rock, combined with their distinctive style, makes this album a standout release from the 1990s hip-hop scene.

As the only studio album from Down Low, “Colorblind” serves as a lasting representation of the group’s contribution to the world of hip-hop and continues to resonate with fans of the genre.



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