Doc.Ce – Strugglin


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1 Put The Twist On It 04:34
2 Drop Ten 04:15
3 Your Love 04:48
4 You Ain’t Dope 03:23
5 Pimpin Da Most 04:10
6 Last Days 04:48
7 Hustle Funk 03:56
8 They Wanna Know 03:53
9 Sum-A-Tyme Dippin 04:55
10 Soft & Wet 03:27
11 Fienin 4 Da Flavor 04:39
12 Is It My Fault 03:55
13 Strickly About The Paper 03:40
14 All My Life 04:52
15 Get That Cash (Bonus Track) 03:25


“Strugglin” is the debut studio album by rapper Doc.Ce, an emerging artist from the iconic hip-hop city of Compton, California. Released in 2001 under Exqutieve Records and Big Whale Distribution, this album showcases Doc.Ce’s raw talent and exceptional storytelling skills, delivering a powerful and authentic West Coast gangsta and thug rap experience.

The album contains 15 tracks, each exploring various aspects of street life, personal struggles, and ambition. “Strugglin” kicks off with “Put The Twist On It,” setting the tone for a collection of hard-hitting and evocative tracks. Songs like “You Ain’t Dope” and “Pimpin Da Most” display Doc.Ce’s signature swagger and lyrical prowess, while tracks such as “Hustle Funk” and “They Wanna Know” highlight his ability to create engaging narratives.

“Strugglin” also showcases Doc.Ce’s versatility as an artist with tracks like “Your Love,” which delves into relationships, and “Soft & Wet,” a more sensual offering. The album’s title track, “Strickly About The Paper,” emphasizes Doc.Ce’s determination and drive, making it an inspiring anthem for those overcoming adversity.

The album concludes with a bonus track, “Get That Cash,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Doc.Ce’s talent and potential in the hip-hop scene. “Strugglin” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and those who appreciate powerful storytelling combined with a captivating style.



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