DJ Spring Ave – Spring Szn, Vol. 1


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1 10Stoves, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway, Luckyleek, Tdro Watchout 03:45
2 DJ Spring Ave, Almighty Suspect, Fred Blaze, Luckyleek Hit Shit 03:07
3 Wavyway, DJ Spring Ave, Fred Blaze Hard Times 05:05
4 Tdro, DJ Spring Ave, Eb SNL Get Rich 03:29
5 10Stoves, DJ Spring Ave, A. Ray, Skooder, Fineto Wilson 03:56
6 Koaa, DJ Spring Ave, Fred Blaze Pop Out 02:55
7 Wavyway, DJ Spring Ave, Dante King, Fred Blaze How I Like It 03:42
8 Skooder, DJ Spring Ave, 10Stoves Baddie 02:28
9 Robby caves, DJ Spring Ave, AD 10×10 02:55
10 Dante King, DJ Spring Ave, Cmillznoluv Problem 03:36
11 Dante King, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway, Robby Caves Phone 04:02
12 JayValdo, DJ Spring Ave, Robby Caves Bxtch 03:44
13 Bru Cartel, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway Bands / Bxtch, Pt. 2 03:31
14 Fred Blaze, DJ Spring Ave, Phonk P Navy 02:39
15 10Stoves, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway, Skooder Jim Jones 03:33


“Spring Szn, Vol. 1” is a mixtape project by DJ Spring Ave hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on April 25, 2018, by Bru Cartel Studios, this mixtape is a collaboration of various artists, bringing their unique styles to the table. The 15-track project features artists like 10Stoves, Wavyway, Luckyleek, Tdro, Almighty Suspect, Fred Blaze, Eb SNL, A. Ray, Skooder, Fineto, Koaa, Dante King, Robby Caves, AD, Cmillznoluv, JayValdo, Bru Cartel, and Phonk P.

From the opening track “Watchout” with 10Stoves, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway, Luckyleek, and Tdro to the closing track “Jim Jones” featuring 10Stoves, DJ Spring Ave, Wavyway, and Skooder, this mixtape delivers a diverse range of rap and hip-hop styles. Songs like “Hit Shit” featuring Almighty Suspect and Fred Blaze, and “Get Rich” with Tdro and Eb SNL, showcase the dynamic energy and lyrical prowess of the artists involved.

Throughout the mixtape, DJ Spring Ave’s skills as a producer and curator shine through, blending the different voices and styles of the featured artists to create a cohesive and engaging listening experience. Tracks such as “Wilson,” “Pop Out,” “How I Like It,” and “Baddie” highlight the unique flow and chemistry between the collaborating artists.

“Spring Szn, Vol. 1” stands as a testament to DJ Spring Ave’s ability to bring together a talented roster of artists and create a mixtape that highlights the various flavors of the Los Angeles rap scene. This project serves as an excellent introduction to both DJ Spring Ave and the featured artists, leaving listeners eager for more.



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