DJ Lloyd & Shame Faced – Wigged Out


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Pimpin’ 03:46
2 Mac Mob Intro 03:37
3 Problems 04:14
4 My Way 04:52
5 Bitch 03:22
6 E. 46th St. 03:58
7 Homicide 04:05
8 McAlmont 03:30
9 Wigged Out 04:44


“Wigged Out” is a captivating release by the rap group DJ Lloyd & Shame Faced, hailing from Sherwood, Arkansas. This rare gem was released exclusively on cassette tape in 1996 under the Get Paid Records Inc. label. The album’s sound is characterized by a fusion of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, delivering a unique blend of beats and rhymes that reflect the hip hop scene of the mid-90s.

The project opens with “Pimpin’,” a track that sets the stage for the group’s lyrical prowess and offers a taste of their smooth and confident delivery. “Mac Mob Intro” follows, giving listeners a glimpse into the group’s tight-knit dynamic and building anticipation for the tracks to come.

“Problems” delves into the challenges faced by the group, showcasing their storytelling abilities and their talent for weaving engaging narratives. “My Way” offers a more introspective look at their individual journeys, demonstrating their versatility as artists.

The B-side of the cassette kicks off with “Bitch,” a hard-hitting track with raw lyrics and an aggressive beat. “E. 46th St.” pays homage to their Sherwood roots, while “Homicide” delves into darker themes, maintaining the album’s intensity.

“McAlmont” provides a change of pace with its catchy hook and upbeat tempo, leading into the project’s final track, “Wigged Out.” This song encapsulates the essence of the album, offering a powerful conclusion that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

“Wigged Out” is a testament to DJ Lloyd & Shame Faced’s talent and dedication to their craft. The album serves as a snapshot of the group’s unique sound and offers a nostalgic glimpse into the mid-90s hip hop scene of Sherwood, Arkansas.


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