DaVince – Give Me A Minute


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1 New Set Of Niggaz 01:13
2 Can You Feel Me 04:04
3 Lazy Days 03:59
4 The Hook Up 03:30
5 Give Me A Minute 04:05
6 Out Of Bounds 04:26
7 Smoove 04:26
8 You Can Make It 04:45
9 So Much Love 03:43
10 Chin Check 04:09
11 Stacked 04:19
12 Simplistic Funk 04:11
13 Foul 04:10
14 Puttin’ It Down 03:58


“Give Me A Minute” is an extremely rare and captivating album by Los Angeles-based rapper DaVince, released in 1995 under Veragon Music. The album features a unique blend of hip-hop and funk/soul genres, with a strong emphasis on gangsta and G-Funk styles, reflecting the rapper’s roots in the vibrant LA music scene.

The 14-track album kicks off with “New Set Of Niggaz” and moves into the groove with “Can You Feel Me.” As the album progresses, listeners are treated to a variety of tracks like “Lazy Days,” “The Hook Up,” and the title track “Give Me A Minute.” Each song showcases DaVince’s distinctive style and lyrical prowess.

“Out Of Bounds” marks the album’s halfway point, followed by “Smoove,” “You Can Make It,” and “So Much Love.” The remaining tracks, “Chin Check,” “Stacked,” “Simplistic Funk,” “Foul,” and “Puttin’ It Down” further demonstrate DaVince’s talent as a gangsta rapper.

Though relatively unknown in mainstream music, DaVince’s “Give Me A Minute” serves as a hidden gem for fans of gangsta rap and G-Funk. The album’s diverse tracks and skillful lyricism create an engaging listening experience that showcases the rapper’s dedication to his craft.



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