Dangerous Dame – Same Olé Dame


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1 Gotta Be The Bomb 05:16
2 Shenead 03:35
3 Stay With Me 05:00
4 Same Old Dame 05:09
5 Love My City 04:22
6 Ridin On The Freeway 04:42
7 Flatland 04:46
8 You Know The Rules 04:29
9 Oaktown Funk 05:15
Featuring – Ant Banks, Father Dom, MC Ant, Nic Nac, Richie Rich, Spice 1
10 Special Thanks 02:02


“Same Olé Dame” is the second studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper Dangerous Dame, released in 1992 under T-Cap Records and Sugar Ray Howell Management. The album showcases the hip-hop genre, with Dangerous Dame working alongside a lineup of notable artists, including Ant Banks, Father Dom, MC Ant, Nic Nac, Richie Rich, and Spice 1.

The album comprises 10 tracks, opening with “Gotta Be The Bomb” and followed by “Shenead,” “Stay With Me” (featuring chorus by Just An Idea), “Same Olé Dame,” “Love My City,” “Ridin On The Freeway,” “Flatland,” “You Know The Rules,” and the star-studded “Oaktown Funk” (featuring Ant Banks, Father Dom, MC Ant, Nic Nac, Richie Rich, and Spice 1, with chorus by Kim Young and Sugar Ray Howell). The album concludes with “Special Thanks.”

Ant Banks produced and mixed the album for Lipperachi Productions, while William L. Davis served as the executive producer. The album’s layout and photography were provided by Victor Hall. “Same Olé Dame” was distributed by City Hall Records.

Each featured artist on the album made an appearance courtesy of their respective labels, such as Anti Wack Music, Dangerous Music, Tomohawk Music, T-Cap/Ichiban Records, Big League Records, and Triad Records.

Dangerous Dame, whose real name is Damon D. Edwards, was one of the first rap artists from the Bay Area to sign with a major record company. Although he passed away on January 25th, 2023, his work on “Same Olé Dame” and other projects continues to resonate with hip-hop fans and serve as a testament to his talent and influence in the music industry.



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