Dae Dot – DeathWish


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1 Issue 01:56
2 Junkie 02:33
3 Chop Shop 01:40
4 Fame 02:17
5 Killers 02:04
6 Faded 01:36
7 Cinematic 02:08
8 Hurt 01:28
9 Chitown 02:40
10 Casket 02:01
11 Dead Love 02:16
12 Playback 02:33
13 Cursed 02:32


“DeathWish” is a gritty and intense mixtape by Chicago-based rapper Dae Dot, self-released on October 6, 2018. This 13-track project showcases Dae Dot’s aggressive style, hard-hitting beats, and insightful lyrics, making it an essential listen for fans of the Chicago drill music scene.

The mixtape kicks off with “Issue,” a high-energy track that sets the stage for the project with Dae Dot’s distinctive flow and relentless delivery. “Junkie” follows with an infectious beat and raw lyrics that depict the harsh realities of street life. “Chop Shop” dives deeper into the dark atmosphere of the mixtape, showcasing Dae Dot’s unique style and storytelling abilities.

“Fame” addresses the struggles and consequences of chasing success, while “Killers” delves into the violence that plagues Chicago’s streets. “Faded” offers a moment of introspection with a somber beat and reflective lyrics. “Cinematic” continues the mixtape’s exploration of street life, with Dae Dot’s lyrical prowess on full display.

“Hurt” provides a glimpse into the emotional turmoil that comes with living in a dangerous environment. “Chitown” is a powerful tribute to Dae Dot’s hometown, capturing the essence of Chicago’s drill music scene. “Casket” brings listeners back to the mixtape’s dark atmosphere with its haunting beat and lyrics.

“Dead Love” examines the impact of lost relationships, while “Playback” showcases Dae Dot’s ability to create a catchy hook and memorable verses. The mixtape concludes with “Cursed,” a reflective track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

“DeathWish” is a testament to Dae Dot’s talent as a rapper and his ability to capture the essence of the Chicago drill music scene. This mixtape is not for the faint-hearted but is a must-listen for fans of raw and intense hip-hop.



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