Da-Roc – You Ain’t No Gangsta


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1 Time To Ride 03:47
2 Where Dem Bitches At 03:56
3 Bet Not Come Near Me 03:20
4 You Ain’t No Gangsta 03:51


“You Ain’t No Gangsta” is an extremely rare EP release by Los Angeles-based rapper Da-Roc. Released in 2000 by Renegade Records, this project features a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles that were prominent in the hip-hop scene during that era.

The EP kicks off with “Time To Ride,” a track that showcases Da-Roc’s lyrical prowess and storytelling skills, giving listeners a taste of the gritty world he inhabits. The second track, “Where Dem Bitches At,” offers a glimpse into the rapper’s party lifestyle, featuring catchy hooks and funky beats that are sure to keep heads nodding.

The third song, “Bet Not Come Near Me,” delivers a fierce and unapologetic message, making it clear that Da-Roc is not someone to be trifled with. The EP concludes with the title track, “You Ain’t No Gangsta,” where Da-Roc asserts his authenticity and street credibility, setting himself apart from the wannabe gangsters in the rap game.

Despite its limited availability, “You Ain’t No Gangsta” is a hidden gem for fans of Gangsta and G-Funk music. Da-Roc’s raw and unfiltered lyrical style, combined with the EP’s smooth production, creates a listening experience that is both nostalgic and engaging for hip-hop enthusiasts.



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