D.E.X. – Palm Of My Hand


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1 Intro 00:10
2 Palm Of My Hand 05:15
3 Daddy’s Home 04:49
4 Dream Maker 03:52
5 Tu-Big 04:27
6 Kilin’ Fields 04:49
7 Work It Out 04:56
8 I Know 04:21
9 Hebrew Queen 04:43
10 So Confused 04:42
11 Time 2 Change 04:00
12 Crazy World 04:03
13 Choice 03:46
14 So High 06:07
15 World Wind 04:20
16 Tony Love 04:32


“Palm Of My Hand” is the third studio album by talented rapper D.E.X., hailing from Gardena, California. Released in 2000 under Brown Rice Entertainment, the album offers a captivating blend of Hip Hop and G-Funk styles, reflective of the West Coast rap scene at the time. Boasting 16 well-crafted tracks, “Palm Of My Hand” highlights D.E.X.’s versatile flow, thought-provoking lyricism, and smooth production.

The album kicks off with an “Intro,” setting the stage for the title track, “Palm Of My Hand.” This song showcases D.E.X.’s storytelling abilities and unique style, which are further demonstrated throughout the album. Tracks like “Daddy’s Home” and “Dream Maker” offer glimpses into the rapper’s personal life, while “Tu-Big” and “Killin’ Fields” delve into the gritty realities of street life.

On “Work It Out” and “I Know,” D.E.X. displays his skillful wordplay and introspective lyrics, while “Hebrew Queen” and “So Confused” reveal a more vulnerable side of the artist. “Time 2 Change” and “Crazy World” explore themes of self-improvement and reflection, highlighting D.E.X.’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

The album’s final tracks, “Choice,” “So High,” “World Wind,” and “Tony Love,” continue to demonstrate D.E.X.’s impressive lyrical skills and G-Funk-inspired beats. The diverse range of topics and styles on “Palm Of My Hand” is sure to resonate with fans of both Hip Hop and G-Funk.

In summary, “Palm Of My Hand” is a strong third studio album from rapper D.E.X., showcasing his versatile talent and solidifying his place in the West Coast rap scene. The album is a must-listen for fans of G-Funk and Hip Hop from the 2000s.



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