Coup DeVille – Pimpin In My Bloodline


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1 Keep It Playa 03:47
Featuring – Miss Money, Tiny Kurupt
2 Freaky Girl 04:46
Featuring – Anita Blunt, Realaman
3 You Want It 04:22
Featuring – Butch Cassidy, Mac Lucci
4 Skit 00:21
Featuring – Bad Azz
5 Money Goes, Money Grows 03:50
Featuring – Bad Azz
6 Can’t Hustle Without You 03:34
Featuring – Eddie Cane, Young Chokie
7 She’s My Lady 03:12
Featuring – True Fame, Zig Zag
8 Love You Down 03:38
Featuring – Mateo, Roundz
9 No Matter The Price 04:40
Featuring – Player City
10 Pimpin In My Bloodline 03:32
Featuring – Shorty Mac, Yo Gutta
11 Struggle And Pain 04:19
Featuring – Ant, Lil B Tha Grinda
12 Sitting Here 04:38
Featuring – Lyrik, Ralph Rotten, Rasheed
13 4:20 04:27
Featuring – Anita Blunt


Pimpin In My Bloodline is a project by rapper Coup DeVille from Los Angeles, California. The album was released on November 20, 2012 by Coupdeville and has features by Miss Money, Tiny Kurupt, Anita Blunt, Realaman, Butch Cassidy, Mac Lucci, Bad Azz, Eddie Cane, Young Chokie, True Fame, Zig Zag, Mateo, Roundz, Player City, Shorty Mac, Yo Gutta, Ant, Lil B Tha Grinda, Lyrik, Ralph Rotten and Rasheed.



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