Conejo – I Am Legend The Mixtape


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1 Godfather Intro 01:16
2 Boss : Conejo 02:17
3 The Iceman 01:50
4 Fasten Your Seatbelt 03:45
Featuring – Bugsy
5 Circus Rappers 01:20
6 Song Cry 03:41
7 Can’t Tell Me Nothing 03:04
8 Yo Soy Leyenda 03:45
9 Phone Tap 02:05
10 Gang Style Killings 03:34
11 Intocables 03:12
Featuring – Venom
12 I Love The Rain 01:22
13 Code Of The Street 01:30
14 Las Calles 01:45
15 L.A. Goes Hard 02:26


“I Am Legend The Mixtape” is a captivating project by Los Angeles-based rapper Conejo, released in 2010 under the Notorious Enemy Records and Felony Case Records labels. The mixtape features 15 tracks that highlight Conejo’s exceptional storytelling, skillful wordplay, and fierce dedication to the rap game.

The mixtape opens with “Godfather Intro,” setting the stage for a powerful journey through Conejo’s world. “Boss: Conejo” showcases the rapper’s confidence and swagger, while “The Iceman” provides a chilling look into the darker aspects of street life.

“Fasten Your Seatbelt,” featuring Bugsy, is an adrenaline-pumping track that encourages listeners to brace themselves for the ride ahead. “Circus Rappers” is a scathing critique of those who don’t take the art of rap seriously, and “Song Cry” delves into the emotional pain that often accompanies life’s struggles.

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is an assertive declaration of Conejo’s independence and self-assurance, and “Yo Soy Leyenda” pays homage to his Latin roots. “Phone Tap” offers an intriguing look into the world of surveillance and secrecy, while “Gang Style Killings” exposes the harsh realities of gang life.

“Intocables,” featuring Venom, is a gritty anthem that celebrates the strength and resilience of those who refuse to be defeated. “I Love The Rain” is a hauntingly beautiful track that explores the allure of darker emotions. “Code Of The Street” and “Las Calles” provide a raw and unfiltered look at life on the streets, and the mixtape closes with “L.A. Goes Hard,” a powerful tribute to Conejo’s hometown.

With its diverse range of styles and themes, “I Am Legend The Mixtape” is a testament to Conejo’s undeniable talent and versatility as an artist.



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