Cizo Montana – I Am Cizo 4


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1 Intro 02:50
2 Publix 02:47
3 Bone Bone Bone 04:09
4 Life Style 03:36
5 Budget 04:13
6 Klikidy Klank 02:28


“I Am Cizo 4” is an engaging project by Atlanta-based rapper Cizo Montana, released on October 13, 2018, under the label SMFSOUND. The EP, consisting of 6 tracks, showcases Cizo Montana’s distinctive style, lyrical prowess, and creative energy. With a mix of captivating beats and relatable themes, “I Am Cizo 4” is a captivating listening experience for hip-hop fans.

The EP kicks off with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the project, demonstrating Cizo Montana’s charisma and engaging presence. “Publix” follows with a catchy, upbeat vibe that highlights the rapper’s effortless flow and impressive wordplay. In “Bone Bone Bone,” Cizo Montana delivers a hypnotic track that showcases his unique storytelling abilities.

“Life Style” offers a more introspective look into Cizo Montana’s life and experiences, with a smooth beat and reflective lyrics. “Budget” dives into the rapper’s hustle and grind, featuring a memorable hook and a message of perseverance. The EP concludes with “Klikidy Klank,” a high-energy track that leaves listeners wanting more.

“I Am Cizo 4” is a testament to Cizo Montana’s growth and dedication to his craft. With its diverse range of sounds and themes, the EP is a strong representation of the rapper’s talent and artistic vision. It’s an essential listen for fans of innovative and authentic hip-hop.



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