Cinque – Ghetto Cinema


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1 Intro 02:00
2 In Yo Hood 04:03
3 Time To Shine 05:08
4 Sunshine 05:47
5 M.O.N.E.Y. 03:51
6 Rock Wit You (All Night) 03:28
Featuring – Aryosee, Corina
7 Sex, Drugs, Money…Murder 04:17
8 Peacocks 03:19
Featuring – Aryosee
9 Venting 01:53
10 Everybody-Nobody 03:50
Featuring – Aryosee, Heaven Sent, Quazi, The Franchise
11 Temptation 04:49
12 Tear The Walls Down 04:42
Featuring – Aryosee
13 Looking For A Way Out 04:11
14 For My Soldiers 04:15
15 Something For You 04:48
Featuring – Kiyamma Griffen
16 Whats That Rhythm… 04:04
17 Outro 02:20


“Ghetto Cinema” marks the impressive debut studio album of Phoenix, Arizona-based rapper Cinque. Released in 1999 under Real Records, the album brings together a variety of talented artists for features, including Aryosee, Corina, Heaven Sent, Quazi, The Franchise, and Kiyamma Griffen. This diverse lineup adds depth and variety to the album, contributing to its overall appeal.

The album opens with a captivating intro, setting the stage for the distinctive soundscape and storytelling that Cinque offers throughout. “In Yo Hood” and “Time To Shine” showcase the rapper’s lyrical abilities and unique flow, while “Sunshine” and “M.O.N.E.Y.” delve into themes of ambition and the pursuit of success.

“Rock Wit You (All Night),” featuring Aryosee and Corina, offers a smooth and rhythmic track, demonstrating Cinque’s versatility as an artist. “Sex, Drugs, Money…Murder” and “Peacocks,” featuring Aryosee, explore darker themes and narratives, highlighting Cinque’s raw storytelling skills.

“Venting” provides an introspective look at the rapper’s life and experiences, while “Everybody-Nobody,” featuring Aryosee, Heaven Sent, Quazi, and The Franchise, showcases a powerful collaboration that further elevates the album. “Temptation” offers a contemplative track, delving into the challenges faced in daily life.

“Tear The Walls Down,” featuring Aryosee, and “Looking For a Way Out” present a mix of introspection and determination. “For My Soldiers” pays homage to those who have supported and stood by Cinque throughout his journey. “Something For You,” featuring and produced by Kiyamma Griffen, adds a touch of soulful melodies to the mix.

The album concludes with “Whats That Rhythm…” and the outro, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Cinque’s distinctive style and storytelling prowess.



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