Central Coast Clique – Tha Mastapiece


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1 Saturday 03:30
Featuring – Prophecy
2 Playas Come & Go 03:35
Featuring – Boxx
3 Lowridin 03:23
Featuring – T-Dre, Kim Kyser
4 Talk To Me With Yo Body 03:22
Featuring – Oscar Snow
5 The Westside 03:54
Featuring – Sara S
6 We Don’t Give A Fk 03:05
Featuring – Prophecy
7 Da Muzic 03:18
8 Baby Girl 03:48
Featuring – Michael Cooper Of Con Funk Shun, Shae Love
9 Nuthin’ But The Best 02:52
Featuring – Sara S
10 That Sinsemilla 03:53
Featuring – The Shival Experience
11 All Night 03:09
Featuring – Tierra
12 Tha Mastapiece 04:00
13 Throw Up 02:24
14 Thugs At One Time 03:24
Featuring – Prophecy
15 Time Fly 02:40


“Tha Mastapiece” is a captivating album by Californian rap group Central Coast Clique, released on June 1, 2019, under High Rollers Entertainment. The album is a fusion of Hip Hop, Latin, Gangsta, and G-Funk styles, showcasing the group’s versatile talents and their ability to blend different musical influences. Featuring collaborations with Prophecy, Boxx, T-Dre, Kim Kyser, Oscar Snow, Sara S, Michael Cooper of Con Funk Shun, Shae Love, The Shival Experience, and Tierra, the album offers an array of dynamic tracks that engage and captivate listeners.

The album kicks off with “Saturday,” a laid-back track featuring Prophecy that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Playa’s Come & Go” featuring Boxx, and “Lowridin'” featuring Kim Kyser and T-Dre, immerse listeners in the group’s unique sound and authentic storytelling.

“Talk To Me With Yo Body” featuring Oscar Snow showcases the group’s ability to incorporate sultry, seductive themes, while “The Westside” featuring Sara S and “We Don’t Give A F***!” featuring Prophecy demonstrate their unapologetic and rebellious nature.

“Da Muzic” serves as a standalone track, highlighting Central Coast Clique’s prowess as musicians and lyricists. “Baby Girl” featuring Michael Cooper and Shae Love, and “Nuthin’ But The Best” featuring Sara S, offer a fresh perspective on love and relationships.

“That Sinsemilla” featuring The Shival Experience delves into the group’s experiences with substance use, while “All Night” featuring Jiggy and Tierra, and “Tha Mastapiece” pay tribute to the group’s dedication to their craft.

“Throw-Up,” “Thugs At One Time” featuring Prophecy, and “Time Fly” bring the album to a close, leaving listeners with a powerful and memorable impression of Central Coast Clique’s unique and diverse talents.

“Tha Mastapiece” is a testament to Central Coast Clique’s ability to create an engaging and dynamic album that transcends genres and showcases their undeniable talent.



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