Brand-X – Pillow Sack


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1 Pillow Sack 05:07
2 Smooth 05:03
3 Everyday Thang 05:13
4 Too Hot 04:15
5 My Way (Remix) 04:10
6 Smooth (Instrumental) 04:52


Pillow Sack is a highly sought-after and rare EP by the rap group Brand-X, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on September 21, 1995, by RoughSide Records, this mini-album offers a unique take on the Gangsta rap genre, exhibiting the unmistakable flavor of West Coast hip-hop in the mid-90s.

The six-track EP kicks off with the titular song “Pillow Sack,” setting the stage for the distinct style and energy that Brand-X brings to the table. Throughout the EP, Brand-X incorporates a mix of guest vocalists, such as Prophecy on “Smooth,” Twan C on “Everyday Thang,” and Stacy Dossman on both “Too Hot” and the remix of “My Way.” The mini-album concludes with an instrumental version of “Smooth,” giving listeners a chance to appreciate the production skills of Jamie LeMoine and the group itself.

Recorded at Different Fur Studios, Pillow Sack showcases the talents of Brand-X as both writers and producers. With executive producers D. Lively, Derek Turner, and L. Kelley overseeing the project, the EP benefits from a well-rounded and collaborative approach. The album’s design is handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, with photography by Steve Watson, further contributing to the distinct visual aesthetic of the release.

Management and booking for Brand-X are handled by Victime Entertainment, ensuring that the group’s talents are effectively showcased to the world. Pillow Sack, though rare, remains an important piece of Oakland’s hip-hop history, capturing the essence of the West Coast sound and offering a snapshot of Brand-X’s unique artistry.



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